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Samsung updated the list in the One UI V.2, reported updates on the Update list.

The most awaited update from the Samsung is here with their One UI V.2 there is a huge list of devices for the Samsung that take this time to roll on the update is obvious, One plus has done due to fewer devices.

the only companies to roll on the update are Google & One plus in time for now.

but Once a while if Samsung can make the devices ecosystem then it can kick off update in no time, being a Samsung fan I am a most awaited person in update stuff, though Samsung included some most incredible stuff in One UI V.1

but in this world of update ecosystem, we need to move fast and the update is rolling over to Samsung flagships at first roll all over the country.

But I can surely admit that Samsung taking this time because they have their bunch of apps to update and they have their own store to renew it so they take time in this update roll on.

so there is no official statement of One UI V.2 from Samsung but they have made a beta roll-on check-in Korea and they have been adding many sneak peek updates for the flagships

there is a chance that One UI V.2 will roll on to old devices but with fewer features or with no gesture features.

so there is wait going on with Official statements since there is test roll ongoing on that we can say the One UI V.2 is coming up with many advancements.

list of features coming up

  • Dark mode(that's already there in ONE UI V.1).

  • Smart reply for calls and messages through voice memos or live transcription of voice.

  • easy access for the sharing menu & settings.

  • Focus mode, iteration of digital wellbeing.

  • improved privacy permissions.

  • standard depth format of the image.

  • Wifi sharing QR code.

  • sliding gestures and menu placements changes.

  • handy Google assistant & Bixby Assistant improvements.

  • wet or overheating or damaged USB port warning.

those are basic changes and Samsung One UI have some apps which won't be used by much of Samsung users, they will also get updated accordingly.

now coming to the list of the devices of the One UI capability

the below-mentioned devices are almost Accurate, as of now we can't say definitely about the devices list, some might get cut down at the Official launch.

the only official statement is Beta program.

so the beta program is rolling out with some features of Android 10 and soon the final version will get into shape.

the list is below

galaxy fold also will be the capable device of One UI V.2

we have 5G line up in Samsung check that article mentioned below

so S8 & Note 8 might also get included and soon there will be the official announcement of Samsung UI V.2 stay tuned for that.

5G line up by Samsung

soon we have got many to discuss tech

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