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One plus tv is about to launch, Soon a competition with Apple Eco system.

Updated: Mar 16

The best competition to every electronic Eco system.

this was confirmed by the One plus CEO Peta Lau

The next upcoming project is confirmed and that will be

"One plus:TV"

since 6 year's One plus has many iteration's successfully in Indian iteration's, India might be the first country to launch this product according to the community.

The event is all set for the launch on September.

QLED panel for the OnePlus TV.

The One-Plus TV will rely on Google Android OS.

Even after all these years, we’re excited to explore exciting new opportunities hand-in-hand with us (In sense of Indian market ).

One-Plus has been building the hype that its smart TV will offer a smart and connected home experience. That is some big claim and in a market where the likes of Samsung, LG and Sony define premium TV experiences.

But coming to mobile flagship's they have done a great job and equal competition's with the great giant's but coming to TV the giant's have huge network and sales all over the world

but Market is a place where the people are attracted to new model's with attractive offer's and many more, so there is always a special appearance on new product's

so there is always a new place.

Coming to speculation's on Quality.

wants to focus on image and sound quality. The idea is to offer a premium experience, We know that to deliver the best possible experience, we need to provide our users with a truly premium product.

QLED panels are a big deal in the TV market,

because they offer superior brightness and colors over regular LCD & LED panels. Samsung uses it for its premium TVs and it offers the next best viewing experience to OLED screens.

Samsung Qled's price around 1 lakh and this might be expensive to reach out to everyone

but One-plus agenda is to distribute the best tech in Optimal prize

If OnePlus can offer a relatively affordable TV with QLED display and 4K resolution, that would be a kind of product that will shake up the market considering that almost all QLED TVs right now cost above Rs 1 lakh.

Coming to speculation's on Size's.

they are 4 sizes expected

4 screen sizes, likely all of them with 4K resolution. within sizes of





One plus will adapt Smartness form Android so everything of your expectation's might fulfill.

OnePlus TV may have a starting price between Rs 50,000 to Rs 1 lakh.

This could be the price for the 43-inch OnePlus TV.

The One-Plus TV with bigger screens will likely have a price of close to Rs 1 lakh.

More yet to be updated on Confirmed news on SVSKHD

there are more speculation's on Google-pixel 4 and iPhone XI link is attached check it out

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