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New Smartwatch speculation from the flagship killer company "OnePlus"

Updated: Mar 16

The flagship killer mostly is known as OnePlus and now we have many companies which are making great flagships within the cheaper price, why do even call it as a Flagship killer.

if you want to know about Flagship killer title then you must know about their flagships which are linked below

One Plus 2019 Tech

OnePlus 7T & 7T Pro

OnePlus Smart TV

OnePlus 7 Pro

We get exhausted when we review the tech released in 2019 though there was fun to see these various kinds of flagships with great specs and being a OnePlus user i can say that they pushed very hard in Updates way to users of OnePlus users to experience the best way of updates.

They want to get into the new wearable tech which can make a smart connection between their flagship and mobility.

seems like there is a round model like Google fossil though I see that Fossil watch with Google iteration hasn't made any significant success as they are giants in tech they are least expected in business for more new tech.

but trends have needed changing since new tech with exciting features are coming up and Google even has some new Acquisitions for just making a Pixel Smartwatch.

OnePlus is secretly making the smartwatch tech and it's now pretty much know to everybody, No more a secret and soon there will be design leaks too.

that looks like a watch piece can detachable and attachable to the strap of our choice.

though we don't have many details, for now, we could bring some more details soon enough.

and they might look the same as Fossil Smart Watch but UI and the user experience will change and might be good when we see OnePlus UI and some iPhone's homework can be seen, Until the details we need t wait

but unlike Google smartwatch with fixed Strap is not happening here that is clearly seen in the above sketch.

so for those who don't know how Fossil made Google smartwatch will be here below.

leather fixed strap

fixed Steal & steel strap.

those look pretty much good but coming to various kinds of taste in the market and some features are missing in it is just irritating at that price point.

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More yet to hit the net.