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One plus has multiple new techs this time, so new OLED TV is here from One plus

yea the new OLEDs from One plus, so what's new.

almost everything is new and every tech involved is new with unique and distinct features.

so what distinct features does One plus TV has a sliding speaker which is unique and we have seen the similar tech in LG foldable TV

so LG a whole TV foldable phenomena when coming to One plus tv there is a sliding speaker at the bottom and a whole rear speaker unit.

so there is LG fold-able TV is here aside which has a beautiful mechanism & powerful display.

similarly, One plus has a sliding speaker at the bottom lets have a look on it.

so there is a clear demo of One plus TV which has sliding soundbar and can even deliver high performance in Audio and being an Oled picture Quality will be good.

This is how the soundbar slides down whenever it is switched on.

Front view of sliding soundbar seems more attractive than the side view so there are three flashing strobe lights on the speaker grill.

those might be the indicator of the TV is Switched on and the attractive look for the speakers

The remote controller is very compact and thin similar to Apple TV remote

and what can One plus TV do with the single remote?

There are much more to do with that simple navigation buttons can do and there are special dedicated Google assistant button and prime button for the easy jump into Prime & assistant.

and there are many yet to discover than the remote and One plus has 2 models in TVs here they are called Q1 pro and Q1.

so there are two models with some differences in speaker outputs.

they are same in size and they have everything pretty much the same

so this is 55 Inch Qled screen and will be ambient when you experience it.

so the Oled, and Qleds and basically TVs have been changing their trend to bezel-less screens and opting the smartness from either Android or Ios, So even smart TVs are smart now with every feature.

so there is a clear layer description of One plus Oled and also has 4K display and these colours are powered by gamma colour chip.

and there is a clear speaker layout which has 8 speakers placed in Q1 pro which are 50W.

Speakers layout

as we know there will be obvious screencasting feature here and especially very quick with One plus phones.

so that would be very satisfying for One plus Users and fans.

Q1 will have 4 speaker units whereas Q1 pro will only have sliding speakers. You can also attach your best sound system surround here with One plus TVs.

screen cast feature

There is also a One plus connect app for special screencasting featuring.

a clear spec round is here below

everything together in one place

so there is no pretty much no difference in specs except in TV weight and speaker units

so pretty much of the specs

now coming to the price

that's pretty detail about every tech on One plus TVs are here

more yet to know from here

One plus TV gallery

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