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One plus has establishment its place on top 5 mobile flag-ship companies.

Yea consecutive changes and not killing traditional technology with combination of high spec's was the formula of One plus firm.

They stood as winner of 2017 by "MKBHD"

The firm lay's out its position in top 5 premium flagship mobile's while Apple lead's out 1st spot and following are other companies so this is first time as Chinese mobile flagship manufacturer.

The counterpoint is that the base model range's b/w 400-600$.

The quarter mile of 2018 was followed by Samsung, Huawei, Oppo, Xiaomi were the firm's form second position and first sweet spot was occupied by Apple.

but after the Quarter mile One-plus made its position to 5th with single flagship model on demand rather than Xiaomi manufacturing no of model's .

One plus has a single flagship model releases its first variant in b/w of April to august and second version or T-version is released on October which is also called "TECH-TOBER".

Especially when we compare Xiaomi with Oneplus ,Oneplus has just two model's every year but Xiaomi has significant no of model's but this has pushed to 6th position.

below some statistics are place for better view and Market share

Global premium flagship's 2017 2018 analysis

1. Apple 59% 51%

2. Samsung 25% 22%

3. Huawei 8% 10%

4. Oppo 1% 6%

5. Oneplus 1% 2%

this information is derived from the counterpoint-research

the complete market share analysis regarding smart-phone flag-ship's are given there

One plus also has big lead in India

It is the exclusive elite smartphone manufacturer occupied and stabilized it's market share. And, here in the United States, the company also entered the top five in that same sector, the only Chinese firm to do so. Both achievements are based on the success of the company’s latest flagship.

But we can't justify simply by the latest mobile but the consecutive model's with user-friendly nature and didn't kill traditional subject's made them top-notch "filtered contender".

significantly One plus has made its signature,but when coming to Pixel family these beast mode mobile's have brought their reputation in western Europe for the first time.

and hell yea Oppo also made some change's in the trend to grab the attention of the Market.

2018 report's

that's all for the report of the One-plus

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