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The most anticipated leaks, OnePlus will have 3 range flagships, what are those.?

Updated: Mar 16

#OnePlus #newflaship #upcomingflaghsip

OnePlus has significantly made most of the business with its multiple events in a year, OnePlus isn't a smartphone firm now they also manufacture Smart TV and soon they might also kick off Smartwatch.

they had a huge leap for 3 years and now with a slogan of never settle has just synced with their tech developments, I need to admit in my point they made their tech fascinating and interactive.

so if we go back to timeline they have budget line up flagships from 30,000-35,000/- rupees in INR, that ranges between 500-600$ in USD.

those models are OnePlus 7,7T. and premium flagship-level in pro versions.

pro versions could empty your pocket, unlike Samsung and Apple flagships OnePlus can help your pocket money recover soon. Pro versions will range around 600-750$.

so they have decided that they will divide their tech into 3 ranges and default range or low range will be called as the lite version.

Note:-they will be changed at the time of release.

how they look like.?

the lite version is likely to have Punch hole selfie camera and huge verticle rectangular notch area at the rear panel, there are no signs of the external fingerprint sensor which shows default in-screen fingerprint sensor.

and this flagship is expected to be low priced than previous flagships and there will mid-end and pro versions which will price higher, the price expectations of Low-end version or Lite version might range below 600$.

they have great Soc's inboard and will have greater internal configurations with default 6GB ram and 128 GB internal memory which is more than enough for a normal user. extra-ordinary specs are designed to make your tech satisfying with your needs.

and there aren't many leaks on specs just with on this speculation and soon they will be out and be the first person to know fro here.

OnePlus 8 lite gallery

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