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One plus has made their tech really into nerves.

Updated: Mar 16

we have been very happy from One plus Tech this year, so we can say that tech is growing by year passes on, though this year 2019 was great for tech and tech explorers.

So One plus has a great line of launch this year with Smart Tv's and extraordinary smart devices and new Pro flagship.

we have a different tech from One plus

One plus Smart TV

so really small changes which were made into default changes this we can see in One plus 7T

and they didn't disappoint in new tech which is recently launched on October 10th

One Plus 7T pro was a minor change in specs and also an attractive back notification panel which was exactly like Mclaren racer shade.

fans from One plus will also wait for the Mclaren edition on One plus 7T series, which is out recently

we have written the whole review on this tech

One Plus 7T Pro

and we have been using One plus 7 Pro for 2 months and it also has an incredible battery and since it has more ram and enough storage the phone is incredibly fast and very quick at your task execution.

we have made a difference between One plus 7 pro & 7T Pro with Mclaren edition also, There are no much changes on Outer look except the colour which we call it as Nebula blue was changed into Haze blue in One plus 7T that's the only difference in outer look and camera cut-out is a bit shiny.

the above gallery is all about the One plus 7T Pro

One plus 7T Gallery

so what is the difference between the One plus 7T pro and 7 Pro why T-series is here with Pro edition again

We have two models in One plus 7T Pro itself that was tech comparison between the 7T pro & 7T pro-Mclaren edition.

the basic fight between T-series Pro edition is done and there is nothing much difference between T-series pro and Mclaren edition they are the same devices with much more optimized than 7 Pro.

so how about Camera zone within Pro T series & Pro series

triple camera saga nothing much changed in the hardware of the camera and some optimizations in the software itself

7T pro & 7T pro-Mclaren edition just have a change in the Outer look with unchanged dimensions, the point is that Pro Mclaren is always a bit faster and has a smoother display than any other models of One plus.

because One plus makes designs the limited edition in that way.

now we will make the fight round between One plus 7 Pro & One plus 7T pro.

so there is pretty much clear understanding in the One plus flagship line up I guess and we wanted to see the comparison of models in some real-life pics soon.

but as of now, we are very much impressed with One plus Tech and some edge points need to be corrected soon.

that's not a problem with One plus in pushing Software updates and security patches, they are equivalently speed as Google to push the ecosystem updates to their devices.

and looking forward to new tech from One plus next year, until then enjoy the One plus tech.

One plus 7 Pro gallery below.

I wanted to share the excellent tech from One plus

One plus 7T pro gallery

similar tech with slight improvements, with Battery improvements & processor speed with some gimmick limited edition panel.

but the limited edition was always awaited one.

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