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One plus 7 various Color render's

There are pretty much check in the Oneplus 7 pro Render's an finally rumor's have settled down, now render's are finally assumed as true as firm confirmed many of them

Now let's see what is happening

One plus 7 final render with attractive Gradient color's are here just with expectation's fulfilled

so what color's are they..?

They are "Nebula blue" and "Mirror grey" as thy are gradient color's they will have combination of two balancing color with it to show the beauty of "Duality"

similarly like Mirror black in One plus 6t

One plus 6t Mirror black

Now similarly many speculation's have become true and officially many speculation's were surprisingly Confirmed by "One plus"

here are some Gradient color render's

These render's also show off

One plus 7 with Mirror black gradient

so these are finalized current color render's

Note:-these are just speculation in color's and model render with triple camera is confirmed by One plus itself

so an update for those who don't know this time One plus is going to launch 2 model's as One plus 7 & One plus 7 pro

One plus 7 pro might be expensive than One plus 7 and there might be variation's in those two models

and high-end model will hit the tech-ground with 12GB ram

we have written many Updates on One plus

those here below

click here

Grand model of One plus 7 sibling's will hit on may 14th 2019

still 14 days to go from date of post.

Nebula gradient

That's it for the new One plu 7


More yet to hit the net