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One plus 7 pro is confirmed and will hit on May 14 Globally

Yes One plus has confirmed its next iteration's will hit Globally so it is linked in One plus 7 pro, But Company has confirmed that new iteration is going to hit on may 14th .

This news was updated in press met's and we can see next handset release in the website's.

welcome screen on One plus website

Announced in a press release this morning, OnePlus is inviting press and fans alike to attend the launch of the OnePlus 7 Pro at Pier 94 in New York City on Tuesday, May 14. The company will have a number of OnePlus 7 Pro units for attendees to try out, so this is a good opportunity to play with the device if you’re thinking about ordering one yourself.

Still a point isn't clear that One plus is going to release both model's or single model, Only the Pro model is mentioned in the event banner (above).

they haven't answered any thing about the release of no of model's when press has raised a question on it.

Unlike previous events this time One plus want to throw event Globally and they want to reach their highest fan base countries so they were trying to throw it Globally

While the main event will be conducted in Newyork

the other events will take place on three different places

they are

Pier 94, New York, USA – 11AM EDT,

May 14 Printworks, London, United Kingdom – 4PM BST,

May 14 BIEC, Bangalore, India – 8:15PM IST,

May 14 Yanqi Lake, Beijing, China – 2PM PST, May 16

We can get tickets to the launch yourself over at OnePlus.com

Early bird tickets will cost $20 and will be available for 48 hours starting at 11AM ET, and prices will probably go up once those first tickets are sold out. Last year’s OnePlus 6T event saw each attendee leave with a OnePlus Explorer backpack, for what it’s worth.

If u can't attend then there will be live-stream

For those not attending an event, OnePlus has set up a number of live streams. You can tune in through YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook to watch as the action unfolds. Pre-orders will likely go live during the events.

OnePlus 7 will feature 5G with Innovative screen's, leaked renders of the device are suggesting new gradient colors are confirming that this beast pack will have Pop-up mechanism for front camera...

so this will confirm that Event will is on global level this time One plus has some anticipated model's let's see what's on the screen

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net