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One plus 7 price

One plus price in India and internationally

so there are many variation's in price due to manufacturing and many kind of internal and external way's

One plus 7

now we will jump back to the point let's see this time

there will some leap on price of "One plus 7"

here are some tweak peak's on it

So, let us know that this beast is releasing on 14th of this month, there is no much time its like less than 2 weeks from today , We can observe lot of speculation's whenever we see giant flagship's release

As we know the price and leak'a are handled by "Ishan agarwal" in India and he has got some news on pricing speculation's on it so lets see the price speculation's on it

One plus will hit with three variant's they are with

  • 6GB RAM/128GB ROM-49,000

  • 8GB RAM/256GB ROM-52,000-53,000

  • 12GB RAM/256GB ROM-57,000-58,000

they will begin with price of 49,000 with a base model and the middle model with 52,000 and the high-end spec's model will be 58,000

okay that's about pricing in India

Note:- These prices may change at launch

there is a decent price hike form One plus 6t -38,000 in India, which was in comfortable zone but now they have been in premiere flagship so price's will increasing in order if extra tech is included in it .

OnePlus will launch the OnePlus 7 Pro and OnePlus 7 in various places there will be live in Banglore(India) too stay tuned to the event

May 14th will be the day

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net