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One plus 7 :killer on its way on may 14th

One plus is gearing up for the release of their winner flagship

this time One plus will have three model's to release for their flagship perpetuation unlike T-version of their flagship.

One plus 6

there would be more speculation's than ever for coming flagship's, we shouldn't believe all those speculation's

so let me reveal the rumor that three model's are

1. One plus 7

2. One plus 7 pro

3. One plus 7 5g

so i will give you people what u need the date is confirmed as of now on may 14th,

till then we we need to wait for the new's on pre-release render image's and final render's on release day

and that's releasing globally.

the potential date is announced by @ishanagarwal on April 14th

so we need not to go read the speculation's on One plus 7

One plus 6t

there is another info about the One plus 7t model speculation

that's it for One plus 7 updates and release date will let u know every update

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net