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One plus 7 guess-work (or) speculated theory

All u need to know is One plus 7 has placed Quad HD+ display (90Hz) display

One plus has given a place for Quad HD+ display with 90hz refreshing rate,the most anticipated feature in the coming One plus 7 model's, if that is accurate or true then then it would be the first model to get highest resolution in One plus flag-ship's

Quad HD display's describe with 2560*1440, There might be a slight difference when coming to Quad HD+ and there might be a change of pixel's and slight variation's will be seen when kept side by side

Simple theory is that Higher resolution is more smoother and more detailed view display than lower display resolution.

So mobile with 90hz rate of display would be boon for the gamer's , Most of the flagship's settle down with 60hz but when it come's figure's this the more higher the figure the more smoother the display title's

the Rog by ASUS also has 90hz but the best refreshing rate of frames is higher in Razer mobiles with 120hz

so from the leak we can see triple camera

note the camera spec's are full of prediction

tripple camera will be usual combo of wide-angle lens and telephoto lenses

with power-house of 4000mah with 30 watt warp charging with dual speaker placed

and connectivity with usb 3.1

and as screen's are to be bezel-less front camera would have pop-up mechanism

the most rumored news is clear that One plus would launch two model's One plus 7 and One plus 7 pro

there is pretty much difference

One plus 7 will accommodate 2 rear camera's where as One plus 7 pro has 3 rear camera's and

One plus 7 would lack in Pop-up mechanism as speculated news.

so One plus 7 would launch their flag-ships on May 14th(Sunday).

if every speculated new's is true then the One plus 7 would be beast packed house.