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Nokia is in the Smart TV market now, Expansion of market is happening.

Nokia has made their move into Smart TVs which was suspected long back and we were checking out some E-commerce sites and we have a look at Flip-Kart one of India's biggest E-com site.

they kept it as coming up soon and I have to go through the specs, they are simply astonishing. that was suspected about 6 months ago and they made it now and there is no Official announcement anywhere but just a sneak peek in E-comm site.

That was the stuff I have seen in the Flipkart site.

Not only Nokia Oneplus and Motorola were first in this step and they made it through it.

OnePlus TV

Motorola TV

This TV has a collab with JBL to sound much better than the Ordinary Speakers.

Sound Surrounded by JBL

You can hear even the minute details and feel every beat spring to life, thanks to the deep bass tones, clear vocal tones and minimal harmonic distortion provided by this revolutionary audio technology by JBL.

Thanks to Dolby Audio's optimized sound output, you can hear every note and catch every beat with rich, clear and powerful sound quality.

Nokia was known for its tech and for best reliability, but they have changed a lot in between and I guess they are now again into Durability way of Manufacturing.

The accurate emphasis of darker shades and highlights lets you see every frame in great detail with optimum brightness and lifelike contrast.

Intelligent Dimming

this in an image and environment shadow dimming and lighting the shadow up according to the Quality and Movement of the Picture.

Featuring an expansive range of over a billion lifelike colours and 100% more colour gamut than other Smart TVs, this TV from Nokia lets you enjoy a truly cinematic experience.

the best cinematic and Wide Color Gamut are here which will help this Smart TV to give the best colour Experience.

The Tv is sleek and bezel-less which has integrated with JBL sound system in default speakers with all smartness loaded features in Android 9, The default size is 55-inch with a resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 4K panel with a 60Hz refresh rate, 400 nits peak brightness.

Specs in Detail

Nokia TV is clearly coming up and also showed in one of the largest E-commerce Website.

Clearly waiting for this TV to hit to market, will let you know you know people whenever we review it.

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