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Motorola has got "Moto One Pro" to reveal

#motorola #motone #Onepro

Now a day's the trend has been changing very rapidly like in month's, but now we can see that every phone has notch or tear drop or no notch at all, these are seen in every phone from 2017 trend.

so similar work was done by Moto and some tear-drop display'a are seen here and let's see the trend line up here of notch and tear-drop.

so let's have look's on Unannounced model's "MOTO" so called Moto one pro.

so these rumor's tell's us there are 2 other model's followed by launch.

those are "Moto one Vision" and another one is "Moto one Action."

By continuous look on render's we can see that there are some highlight's to discuss here.

Highlight's are

  • Head-phone jack is mounted bottom beside the speaker grill.

  • Small tear-drop is placed can say bezel less screen or technically we can say it as slim bezel's

  • So huge rear bump with quad camera aperture, The primary camera sensor is 48 mp.

  • So there are two camera's with "OIS-Optical image stabilization.

so there is absence in side or rear mounted finger-print sensor, this might feature In-screen fingerprint display

and display with 6.2 inch for Moto one pro display.

so this Moto one pro will have flagship level spec's here and other might feature some adventure level rigidness for "Moto One Action" and night vision and extra-ordinary spec's in camera for Moto One Vision.

some visual round-up in Moto One pro.

Note:- these are all highly speculated news

Stay tuned


More yet to hit the net