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Moto has announced pre-order date & also the available regions.

as we know there are much more foldable coming up with high-end specs and nothing less than any normal flagship phone and also expensive than any flagship

we have galaxy fold horizontal fold and now verticle fold, competition is getting higher and also we know that LG G8X also has new foldable but no continuity in the screen.

so why foldable are coming out because they can accommodate much more screen and if they are adapted to daily life driver then the regular tasks can be done in 2X faster than a flagship mobile.

Though verticle fold is made for style and Moto Razr is completely for style representation, Moto Razr fans were quite excited and made the best demand ever to Moto brand, the demand was overwhelming and though the price and the delay didn't matter in a change of demand, at last Moto has won the audience heart again.

wanted to know about specs we have already specified them and we will link it down

Moto Razr Specs

so the delay didn't affect the demand and also the price, the price is quite high than any normal flagship, Motorola stated that they have outgrown the supply predictions. and Moto being a foldable device which is less expensive than galaxy fold and Huawei fold or any other fold.

but Razr isn't cheap but not priced as high as other Foldable devices, they launched this foldable in November in Los-Angeles and then they have continued the partnership with Verizon carrier and said Pre-orders will begin from 26th of December and will not be available to every country at once.

they confirmed their launch in 2020 to some places they are Australia, Asia, Canada Europe & India in somewhere 2020, we can also have access on the unlocked model before the official launch in other regions.

1600$ in USD, 1700 Euros, this is speculation in the price might change at launch time.

In united states, the first carrier will be Verizon to deliver Moto Razr, soon they might have access to other carriers, u can see them in stores from Jan 2020.

until then you can have a look on Moto Razr gallery here below.

Still yet to hit more on Moto Razr

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