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MOTO G stylus is here, The new era of Stylus in MOTO G-series.

Moto has got new stylus in its way to hit the market and they made the best entry in 2020 with already with their folding device RAZR but what about this stylus model.

let's see this model how can it keep up with the new stylus model, despite other stylus models which are much expensive but they perform and complete the required design for every immediate work, can this model satisfy all the stylus needs.?

how about Little Spec round up

No budget model has killed the 3.5mm model still and the same has been done here. we see two most common things here in this model as 3.5mm headphone jack and USB Type-c.

the same is seen in other models like

Moto G Power.

MOTO Family has two new models One with stylus and one is for durability

stylus model is called Moto G stylus and the other one is called Moto G Power.

Moto G stylus and Moto G power

so stylus and G power are devices which are in the budget to hit some high-end specs since these are in a budget you can choose them without your pocket getting empty.

these are also cheaper than Note 10 lite and S10 lite

so when going to option of costly flagships and their lute version you can choose these models within 300$. specifically, the G8 Power 64GB variant price might be 250$ and G8 Stylus 64 GB variant price will be 300$.


Rear triple camera sensor will have a primary sensor as 48 MP with default shots capture and with 2mp with macro shots capture and another 16 MP sensor with an Action sequence capture.

in a similar way, G Power will have all the sensors with same megapixel but the main sensor is 16 MP, 2MP Macro shot and another sensor of 8MP ultra-wide camera sensor.


G8 stylus with 4000mah and with 5000 mah battery for G8 Power model.

G-series gallery

we will have this model on hands and review it clearly

The price of these both models will range between 250$-300$ in USD and 17,000-21,000 INR.

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More yet to hit the net