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Moto didn't kill mods, so they are up for Moto Z4

The stuff u and I wanted to know.

so as we know that Moto new models will not follow "notch" or some other decreased notch size but they will have their trend in making their water drop or small drop nature display with upcoming flagship's.

so coming to he point that iteration might discontinue some lags and some attachable and detachable, but when we see the scene in Moto they aren't discontinuing any thing and they will initiate the better experience of the Mods, so that's an eager wait for the Upcoming Flagship's one of the Anticipated flagship of Moto

even I am waiting for the model eagerly so let's see the lineup of this Giant until now there is no information for mode but there is clear view of

The release of new Moto Mods has slowed over the past couple years, so much so that it was unclear if the initiative had a future. After all, the last big wave of mods will continue to perpetuate which stated on 2017 lineup . Since then, a promising fold-out keyboard developed by a third-party company was canceled in 2018. In an interview with Engadget at the time, Motorola intensified that it would continue to work on Mods for the foreseeable future.

It's also worth noting that while Motorola considers itself supportive of the small hardware companies attempting to contribute to the Mod ecosystem, those companies haven't typically found much success. this could un-match the strategies of Moto

statement made by Motorola Vp(Vice-president)We may continue to see Mods roll off production lines
as per given Info though the 5G Mod might be one of the last few truly interesting Moto Mods to break cover.

recalling a Mod that commercially launched, that wasn't made by an Incipio or a JBL or an Amazon.

In this case, the future of Moto Mods seems more stable now than it did just a few weeks ago. Whether or not those forthcoming Mods can actually convince people to invest in Motorola over countless competitors, however, is still unclear.

Stay tuned