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Most anticipated flagship's

#Anticipated #flagships

The most anticipated flagship's are here recently "UNBOX THERAPY" has stated some thing here about pixel 4 with big one and small one.

these speculation's were actually done in iPhone yes like triple camera and some sensors but those all were just for Pixel 4 the huge camera setup is coming for upcoming model.

lot of speculation's are done in these models for the flagship's

so the clear model for iPhone XI with triple camera and these are just speculation's some might be true and some might be false.

Google pixel-4 has the role play now for the upcoming trend with high-end spec's installed.

we can have a look on Pixel 4 case maker dummies here.

next we will see in round in Note 10

So expected launch of some flagship's

Pixel 4- will be released in October

iPhone XI will be released in September

and these are just an expected date

but the date is confirmed for Galaxy Note 10


soon a speculated tech round up will be there soon

Stay tuned to


More yet to hit the net