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These day's Mobile gaming has been very Intense, Irrespective of Screen size.

Now it's time to Involve some comfort zone for the Mobile gamer's

Why is mobile gaming Intense,

very simple

very handy , can carry to any where almost every where

doesn't empty your pocket's

So every Mobile Owner may be a gamer not for sure but may be a gamer

So comfort zone for the Mobile Gamer's

is here

joysticks for intense player's

joystick 1

Lightweight and portable.

Suitable for most cellphones.

Ergonomic design enables you good feeling when play.

Import non-slip material gives you perfect Grip.

ease of control. Small and portable.

Color: Black Material: Plastics

Net weight: 115 grams Gross weight: 145 grams

Joystick Gamepad with L1 R1 Trigger for PUBG.

Physical pressing, sensitive without delay. The lever can be turned 90 degrees without blocking the screen.

joystick 2

four fingers to operate together,

0.01m response speed,

fast shooting, fast moving,100% victory

It blends perfectly with the phone screen,

and shoots quickly,

allows you to conquer the game

Built-in 2000 mAh battery: Forget fear of phone shutdown.

360°Cooling fan:It can last for 8 hours,

allowing the phone to cool down quickly,

reducing power consumption and effectively protecting the phone.

Joystick 3

Touch-sensitive shooting left hand movement,

right hand aim 

Fingers can gently touch contact sensitivity 

Ergonomic grip,

It is comfortable to handle and perfectly fits the finger.

just enjoy the game 

Support shooting games such as custom Gunfight at home and abroad.

Ergonomic grip,

it is comfortable to handle and perfectly fits the finger.,

just can reach your target in the game 

joystick 4

Light weight,

small size,

easy to install

3 in 1 design,

Game handle + mobile phone bracket + handset joystickBack support design,

three gears can adjust the slope of the handle Telescopic,

suitable for 4.5-6.5 inch smart

phone Rocker is removable,

easy to control the characters.

Material: plastic + metal parts Fit with: PUBG and other shooting games

Compatible Devices: Smartphones

These are joystick's which are below 500 buck's in "Indian Currency"

there are more joystick's to stick around.

but these are joystick's which are in every one's reach

try these joysticks only for mobile gamer's

Stay tuned to


More yet to hit the net