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Many games have been delayed in play-station 4(PS4), In-sense many, yea but why..?

yea many games have been delayed and there is no specific reason might be in testing let's see how's Sony playing in game around launching the game.

these expectation's were raised by Sony itself, Now Sony itself is delaying the stuff of gaming

we don't know why is that happened

but there are seen some game's are here

So the rumored list will be below

  • Final fantasy VII

  • Predator: hunting Ground's

  • Medievil

Final fantasy VII

some sneak peak on FFVII

Final fantasy VII remake screenshot

so next game is

Predator:Hunting grounds

so this was updates in many on this game remake

Predator's:Hunter grounds

so this game will be arrive on 2020-Sony showed it off recently,

they stated that it would be multiplayer game

game description:

so predator continuously will hunt u unconditionally and u be placed as elite member in a Military crew for the hunt of predator, Predator is a alien which is armed with a deadly weaponry system, either u can play as deadly alien or elite member.

and another game

Medievil Game remake

Sony has revealed it previously that Medievil game would be remade

and the Medievil game was an game changer from back in 1998 in "PS1"

the release date is likely to be "October 25th"

finally we will look at new Play station 4 new model

its a new play station new special edition so its has some fancy look and rounded edges

Sony Ps4 Special edtion

fancy -game-pad, and 1 TB of internal storage

its going to hit on june month of this year.

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net