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LG has 5G flagship here with a detachable screen

So this is LG V50 is here unlike Samsung fold there is a detachable screen is here.

so you can have a look at the video.

before we have LG G8 with a detachable screen, the same is going on here with LG V50 ThinQ.

if you want to see the LG G8X the article is here.

so finally a 5G model in LG.

not like most awaited but 5G chipset has been a trend and this 5G chipset will be familiar soon and Samsung has already 4 active 5G devices till date, wanted to know more about Samsung 5G devices, the link is attached below.

Samsung 5G spread

So there is 6.4-inch QHD+ display and the notch isn't dead.

The notch is present and not that annoying notch and bit a thicker bezel's to which has approximately 84% of screen to body ratio.

and if you are obsessed with multi-tasking then you can attach the dual-screen which can look similar to V50 screen, we can say it as the completely replicated screen.

the most retro thing is that they still have 3.5MM jack.

so there still some retro things are going on where u can see finger-print scanner at rear unlike the trend of In-screen fingerprint scanner.

retro things don't mean that the device is old and less powerful, this device is powered with Snapdragon 855 with 5G chipset.

this Chipset is clocked up to 2.84GHz.

6GB Ram and 128 GB internal storage.

so another retro thing is that they have Micro-SD feature available which is expandable up to 2TB

So coming to Camera they have 3 rear cameras and dual front camera's.

so there are Standard 12MP camera & 16 MP Superwide & 16 MP telephoto sensor.

so front camera's has wide-angle & standard

The standard sensor has 8MP & 5MP of wide-angle sensor

so LG makes her devices within powerful Audio output

and it also has boom box Audio output this is clearly will be experienced in headphones rather than the loudspeaker.

so the battery isn't bad will give a back up of a day, 4000 Mah which has wireless charging and cooling system is also present here.

quick charge is also present.

LG V50

okay coming to the total spec sheet .

so the price range is below

so there are speculation's on price, but yet to know more about LG V50

the first-ever 5G mobile from LG flagships with some retro specs

so clearly the retro specs are here below

1. there is headphone jack surprisingly, unlike other flagship's

2.and the fingerprint scanner is placed at a rear panel like the previous flagships of LG

V50 gallery

but this might be overpriced when compared to other flagship's and there is already a flagship killer is out One plus 7T

which is less priced than V50 expected a price


flagship killer recently dominated by Asus rog 2

so check it out them and I hope the expected price might cut off to 700-800$ then that would be handy 5G flagship of LG.

anyways there is more about to discuss detachable screen here

know more from here

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