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A new patent from LG to show up their Foldable and also detachable tech.

we have seen LG have been making detachable foldable and they were not like complete foldable like Galaxy fold or Huawei Mate X fold tech with hinges between the screens, they have made it in G8X and also in V-series.

but now according to their patent leaks, they are making up much bigger screens in foldable's now and we can also see that below. and this shows like you can detach the secondary screen or fold them and you have default cover to fold it firmly with magnetic hold shoes.

These magnetic holders have the holders to hold original sized or the holding of flagship and then they make the attached large screen lit up same like G8X, but with a larger screen.

so this pretty much looks like the big screen and can be attached to the phone to get powered. and the patent registration means that Company need not hit the market, but though we are looking forward to for the LG tablet fold.

LG V50 ThinQ & LG G8 ThinQ

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