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LG G8X The new fold-able phone, the inexpensive mobile with much more feature's

the best option for dual screen adaptability or you are obsessed of fold-able phone's and this new fold attachment is clear value for money unlike Samsung Galaxy Fold

so what is this

Lg G8X

so unlike galaxy Fold, this has a fold-able & attachable screen to it's LG latest flagship here, this help's other screen to perform task with continuity and other advantages


As u can see the operation of the dual screen is bit different than a regular phone, Lg wants to reveal their own OS in the way with this trail & error base

the best option is that it is way cheaper than the fold-able's which have been showed up earlier

like Galaxy fold & huawei mate X.

the futuristic tech is here with fold-able's are hitting the real market

how is this connected ...?

LG G8X will be connected through the pin's which are placed back side of the mobile which will be connected to the case and also with usb c-type is present for charging up the device and also to power up the screen

The LG G8X ThinQ comes with a 6.4-inch full HD+ OLED Full-Vision display with a screen resolution of 2,340 x 1,080 pixel. It is attached to a second display of similar configuration

the secondary screen can be used to various function's

like whole secondary screen for typing, gaming pad, and can perform multi task while watching video, and this depend's on your availability & usage on this mobile.

so there will be a clear understanding below here.

The multiple screen usage of LG G8 X

you can also shutdown the secondary battery for battery saving, the more productive screen work than any fold.

while not in use u can also fold it back for the firm hold

folding back the secondary screen

And swapping screen mode and u can have total control on it, main screen continuity in dual screen or can run multi apps simultaneously on dual screen.

LG G8 X dual screen controls

and multi tasking look like below screen's

Multi tasking tab running



LG G8X spec's round up below

so in spite of new Android 10 os release LG is still on 9 pie

not that bothering but might be a deal breaker for some people who prefer new look from google.

this also has 5G in it but it won't get launched in every country with 5G variant.

We also have ability to attach the secondary screen to LG v50

this mid-cycle refresh is all about introducing the Dual Screen attachment. Unlike the original G8, the G8X has a new-and-improved version of the Dual Screen accessory that was available for the V50 internationally.

the dual screen might meet your expectation's because no screen drop's and not flashing like Galaxy fold and this is mostly done like future era, i call it as "Modular phone"

the bezel in the middle is handy for everything like games, Multi tab functionality, youtube with social media browsing feature

This will meet up the challenge of Fold-able's mobile's

still yet we are testing it in the real scene to know more

we will explain you clearly in upcoming post's

so the whole gallery is below

The exciting tech is about hit

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More yet to hit the net