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The latest launch of "ISRO" Risat-2B

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There is a latest launch of Indian satellite on 22nd so it is called "RISAT-2B"

the main mission is to keep an eye on Pakistan, to keep the rivalry clean and shut it down.

so the task of this satellite is it can take clear high resolution images irrespective of day and night, And also will take clear pictures in clear

so simply the other countries will call it RISAT-2B but we can call it as "Spy on rivalry" or spy satellite which takes a clear picture of globe irrespective any climatic condition's.


Coming to Abbreviation of RISAT-2B-(Radar-Imaging-satellite-2B).

So RISAT-2B is the sibling of RISAT-2

Why RISAT-2B has been launched with active RISAT-2 in line connection with us ..?

RISAT-2 has been effectively utilized to check out the "Terror camp's",
RISAT-2B goal is to monitor whole terror and their live operation's with the seal of spy badge on it.


Enhancing the country surveillance, Would be the first goal and mile-stone of the RISAT group satellite's.

Satellite is equipped with a synthetic aperture radar which can take pictures in any condition.

Words spoken by "K Sivan" Chairman of ISRO

Bullet points of RISAT satellite series

  • This is very important mission for India, It is an excellent satellite with hi-fi earth observation (capabilities).

  • The satellite is durable up to 5 year's, the upcoming series of RISAT will enhance the security and Defense system of to monitor all active cross-border activities.

  • Apart from defence purposes, the Radar Imaging Satellite would also be used for surveillance, agriculture, forestry and disaster management support, they are multiple advantages with these RISAT satellite's.

Current operation of RISAT-2 satellite to monitor activities in camps across the border in Pakistan to prohibit infiltration bids by terrorists.
India also has high-resolution optical imaging Carto-SAT satellites, but they get faded with intense or with few climatic condition's.

RISAT-2B uses X-band synthetic aperture radar that gives addition details such as size of objects on Earth, structures, movement and change.

India had launched Risat-2 in 2009 and Risat-1 satellites in 2012, Weirdly this was some numerology error on release but its true they have released successful satellite's in fornt and back order.
that's not the case every time it eventually launched satellite's which helped security and intelligence agencies to plan surgical strike in 2016 on terror launchpads in Pakistan-Occupied Kashmir and the Balakot aerial strike in February this year(2019)

that's all for RISAT series of satellite's now will keep u people updated when ever there is any update about satellite launch

The sneak peak of Chandrayaan-2 is here click on Chandrayaan-2.

Stay tuned

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