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"K Sivan", is the New Chairman of our Indian Pride(ISRO)

ISRO(Indian space Research organization) is Indian pride

okay let me explain this might complicate some of your thought's

What is "ISRO"..?

ISRO is our Organization which send's satellite's to the space for the need's of spatial information and many more communication purpose need's

So simply we can say it as a Space agency of India to kick satellite's for our need's

going back to history cycle (INCOSPAR) Indian National Committee for Space Research was found in "1962" and it took its evolution or its modern form in & as "ISRO" this was found & developed by Vikram Sarabhai.

so He is the first Chairman of "ISRO" Vikram Sarabhai, Note it down its a "General knowledge Note".

since then they were 7 chairman in the field of "ISRO"

Among them Satish Dhawan was the Chairman for longest tenure about 12 year's

from "1972-1984".

this topic will be discussed soon in another post

let's jump back into topic

K Sivan( Kailasavadivoo Sivan ).

He is in the Noblest, Honorable position of Indian pride

He is the chairman of ISRO for now they change by some means of Internal means of elections and good reputation and conduct is seen and then the certain person is elected.

This is a common point in Indian pride PSU's but this won't be the exact way , Judging is completely prohibited.


He was born on "14th April 1957"

place of birth:- Sarakkalvilai (kanyakumari district)

Sivan sir was popularly known as "Rocket man" and his major contributions in many thrusts and booster's and majorly in "Cryogenic engine's" for Indian space Research Program.

A common phenomena in birth right, He is a son of Farmer and made is studies in Tamil medium Government school(Sarakkavilai) & later in Vallankumaranvilai, in kanyakumari district

He was the only Graduate from his family "pride of family

Later Sivan graduated with a bachelor's degree in aeronautical engineering from Madras institute of technology in 1980, Then he went on hunt of Master's in Aeronautical branch in Indian institute of technology(Bangalore) in 1982 and started working in ISRO , later on stages he earned Doctoral degree form Indian Institute of technology (Mumbai) in 2006.

The progress made him or we can say Ascended him to a Greater height's

He is also a member of Indian National Academy of Engineering & Aeronautical society of India

So now coming to

Career BUild

  • Sivan worked on the design and development of launch vehicles for Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

  • Sivan joined ISRO in 1982 to participate on the Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV) Project.

  • He was appointed as the director of ISRO's Liquid Propulsion Systems Centre on 2 July 2014.

  • On 1 June 2015, he became the Director of VSSC ( Vikram Sarabhai Space centre ).

  • He joined ISRO in PSLV Project and has contributed immensely towards end to end mission planning, mission design, mission integration and analysis. The mission design process and innovative mission design strategies perfected for PSLV has become the foundation for ISRO launch vehicles like GSLV, GSLV-MK3 and RLV-TD.

  • He is the chief architect of 6D trajectory simulation software, SITARA which is the back-bone of the real-time and non-real-time trajectory simulations of all ISRO launch vehicles.

  • He commissioned world class simulation facility in ISRO for mission synthesis and analysis which is used for mission design, sub-system level validation and integrated validation of avionics systems in all ISRO launch vehicles. He developed and implemented an innovative day-of launch wind biasing strategy which has made possible rocket launch on any day of the year at any weather and wind conditions. He has contributed significantly in establishing a Parallel computing facility and Hypersonic wind tunnel facility, which has opened new avenues in the area of computational fluid dynamics, and self-reliance in wind-tunnel testing. He evolved novel strategies for launching India's MARS mission endeavor through PSLV, ISRO's work horse.

  • He also led the RLV-TD development program and spearheaded its design, qualification, aerodynamic characterization and hardware development.

  • He joined GSLV Project in April 2011 as Project Director with a mandate to demonstrate the robustness and reliability of GSLV as well as flight demonstrate the Indigenous Cryo Stage.

  • His leadership led to the historical achievement of most successful GSLV flight with indigenous cryogenic stage.

  • During his career at ISRO, he has held many responsibilities like Group Director, MSSG, Project Director, RLV-TD, Deputy Director, Aeronautics Entity, Deputy Director, Structures Entity, Project Director, GSLV, Chief controller,etc

  • It was Sivan's expertise that gave ISRO the ability to send 104 satellites in a single mission, setting a world record on 14 February 2017. He was the key person who worked on the technicalities of how the satellites would be placed in orbit.

  • The new ISRO chairman has also played a key role in developing the indigenous Geosynchronous Satellite Launch Vehicle MK II, and was part of the team that ideated on the Swadeshi space shuttle (a reusable launch vehicle).

  • Sivan was appointed the chief of ISRO in January 2018.

So from January 15th 2018 was the date which was a Reward for his hard work and Great Responsibility.

Sivan is a chairman of ISRO still Incumbent.

So single he has Empowered many tasks this show's the dedication towards's work.

They are more 7 past chairman to go will post soon about Our Indian Asset's

will give a detailed form on them.

Award's to K.Sivan

  • Shri Hari Om Ashram Prerit Dr Vikram Sarabhai Research award (1999)

  • ISRO merit award (2007)

  • Dr Biren Roy Space Science award (2011)

  • Distinguished Alumnus Award (2013) from MIT Alumni Association, Chennai Distinguished Alumnus Award (2018) from Institute of Science, Bangalore

That's all for now About Our Indian Asset


More yet to hit the net