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ISRO 2019 updates, A lesson to learn for everyone, Never lose hope.

They never lost hope and they never wanted to give up.

what we should we know from ISRO updates they are several updates going on here in ISRO

the hear breaking movement was that Chnadrayaan-2 wasn't happening as per schedule at the time of landing.

the next sad news is that we have lost communication when the lander has landed on the moon.

surprisingly the lander is fine and might run if we establish the connection this is one good news among all the bad news

Our great scientist's arent losing hope on connection link establishment, it's been 20 days till date that we have lost connection.

That's a great thing and this never give up mentality should be opted by everyone

Chnadrayaan 2 was just objected as a technical leap and simply you can say it as huge development in ISRO space agency.

Unlike previous missions we haven't made this satellite for single-purpose, we made it study the moon temperature and environment exposure almost every phenomenon on the moon.

as per September 2nd update, we can conclude that the Lander and Orbiter are healthy and are currently monitored by Missions Operations Complex (MOX) at ISRO telemetry tracking and Command centre (ISTRAC) in Bengaluru.

after losing communication with the lander on Sept 2nd they were crucial practices were happened and NASA also was involved to help us locate the Lander, and finally, we have found Lander on the moon on Sept 10th.

as of scientists review they that satellite isn't landed smoothly

Vikram lander

this is Vikram lander

and was struck there and is being dormant for 20 days there is no communication with it.

there is a serious try to it enable the communication link.

this was located by Orbiter of Chandrayaan-2 on Sept 10th and they have been taking thermal images and recently updated pics on October 4th

so there is an update from the Chandrayaan 2 Orbiter

and still, there are more trails happening to get connected with Vikram (Lander).

so those who don't know the Chandrayaan-2 and ISRO ee have clearly explained in previous articles which are linked below

Chnardrayaan-2 to Moon trajectory

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Every INDIAN knowledge

so the links are above for the reference

soon will be updated about Chandrayaan 2

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