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The launch date of Most awaited Apple's flagship is postponed,

the most awaited flagship date is postponed to 20th September, the wait is still extended to another 10-11 day's

so until then there will be chance of more speculation's to come out

okay the confirmed speculation's are triple camera confirmed by case maker so below u can see the pic for more detail look.

clear view of case maker's on iPhone XI

and there are regular XI max and XI so what are they called for maximum size and for regular size is unknown

the clear understanding is below and both have triple camera and they doesn't change in any chassis layout except with size

so the obvious thing is that the device's will ship with ios 13 and the update will rolled out after the launch of iPhone XI expected to be 20-23rd

iPhone XI and XI max

unlike iPhone X generation, iPhone X was a massive upgrade and they it was called as prototype though but they continued the phone with same design and the same notch is continued to this 2019 year design to.

so the expectation's are likely to disappoint you, but the flagship will always be increased in speed, battery, operation or operating system, screen and camera upgrade's are done.

disappointment might be covered or adjusted

massive upgrade's in the sense we can't see the previous flagship look won't be seen merely in any angle like iPhone 8 and iPhone X

those kind of upgrade's are not this time

but this time there might be smart feature's like reverse charging the minimal pods is kind of confirmed news, but coming to device it might be a dilemma.

Not only flagship announcement but also Apple watch-5 might release.

iPhone Xi max/ XI / XIR

so the leaks are clear and might be 90% true

speculation's on flagship's are almost true

color variant's iPhone XI

there might be a competition to Samsung Note 10 because Pencil might be added and dual sim will be present in this model like another E-sim similar to iPhone XS

but coming to iPhone XI and XI max there might be some feature's additional and performance might be optimized more.

iPhone XIR

so the handy or less priced flagship featured brother is above we call it as iPhone XIR

so these are prized lower than flagship but not less.

coming to price

likely start from $999 and go up for additional storage or for the larger screen.

We expect storage to start at 64GB

999$-64 GB


1500-1700$-256 GB

512 GB & 1 TB option also available this year

iPhone XI R is about to price around 750$

General spec's round up which never change in iPhone era.

No finger print as usual

Waterproof and dust-proof


1,125 x 2,436 pixels

463 PPI.


4,000mAh Li-ion battery

that might keep your device alive long time

Non-expandable storage


So we have triple camera this time now primary camera's are configured at 14MP +14MP+12MP lenses,

10MP as front camera sensor with multiple stuff in it.


The device is powered by two processors - a 2.49GHz Vortex dual-core and a 1.52GHz Tempest quad-core, A12 Bionic chipset and are coupled with a 4GB RAM and Apple GPU, That might fetch u lag free performance.


wide range of connectivity options such as 4G with VoLTE, Wi-Fi, mobile hotspot, Bluetooth, GPS and NFC.

Unlike Samsung S10 there won't be 5G chipset in it.

So the date has been changed to

September 20th

wait has been extended and the fan's need to wait until 20th

even i am eagerly waiting more yet to be updated

Note :- These all are speculation's until the release we can't say the exact spec's.

stay tuned to


More yet to hit the net