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iPhone XI and XIR are here, Most anticipated and speculated model.

The most speculated model is here, iPhone XI and XIR with square shaped rear chassis, These were out because of some case maker's.

Here are more speculation's on simultaneous similar kind of update's on Rival's but for now we will start with speculation discussion on iPhone XI & XIR similar like previous flagship's.

so we have been seeing the famous influencers and and youtuber's have been showing the spectacular stuff on the iPhone upcoming model's so let's see how were these videos on .

The above video is about the iPhone XI here u can see how this model has been more speculated news has been happening here .

yea the other most famous youtuber is here called Unbox therapy is here u can see the video below .

The future of flagship's are here so these flagship's will be released in month of November month or the month of October or it is called as Tech-tober month.

so all these iPhone models are standing out and they are spectacular model.

so these are the glance on the iPhone XI model's and more updates yet to come on these and more flagship's yet to come.

There is a dummy sneak peak here below

iPhone XI & XIR

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