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iPhone 11 has killed notch

Yes, iPhone 11 or XI has killed notch for some obvious reasons and has changed design

Because every iteration has many improvements in it.

they change their "Bionic " chip version which is named after A-series

now coming to the killing of "Notch".

killing a Trend is a habit of Apple has killed 3.5mm jack long back, In view of Apple its an upgrade.

yes, In the rumor news explained about that notch has been killed and new chassis indicates that they might have triple camera and this might have three variants and one might be "Economical"

Economical in the sense that might differ from 100-150$ from the flagship model

I mean the difference is count from the base Flagship variant, not from the high-end variant.

so never expect the Apple model below 500$.

so iPhone XI is a flagship with some additional model's we can't guarantee which is the additional model's, sothey have their own plan for the Economical model to represent

iPhone 11 launch date: September-November 10, 2019.this is just expected.

New iPhone, iPhone XI or iPhone11

Amazing Invention or creation is done in iPhone XS or XSMax they are clearly very amazing phone and clearly maintain their position and attraction in Market,

But there is always a room for Invention and will always grow step by step for this race of human's in present world

Company like Apple need to shake up few things and maintain their charm for the Market stabilization.

Even though iPhone has missed out some feature's form the basic model's or rules they stand out in their proportion of balance

So What are Expected in coming up iPhone XI

1. No-notch or clearly smaller one

Apple like to stand out of Box which make them unique and have their way to attract crowd. simple thinking will crack the logic as they don't want to continue the notch or they might continue the notch And clearly Notch culture was started by Giant Apple. And this clearly will not continue Lessing the size of notch.

iPhone X - however it seems many of the competition have already surpassed Apple's implementation. This made Apple complex thing to have a same size notch but no company has 92% of body to screen ratio. This is a clear pointto win but coming to notch killing is a tough choice and this might need much more creative move to held the best one

so as per rumor notch is killed about 80% lets see the final chassis render's .

2. A new design

The current design of the XS and XS Max is fantastic - solid, premium and sleek, it's one of the most desirable looks on the market.

If Apple does ditch the notch as we've so very kindly asked for above, that would be the first step towards a new design, but we'd like to see it go further, It's already removed the headphone jack and home button, so our focus is now on the alert slider, volume buttons and power key.

We've seen HTC and Google implement squeezable sides on their phones, and if Apple can hone this technology to make it even more user friending it could be the end of any physical button or switch on the handset.

So this technology is called pressure sensitive chassis.

so let's see the update's.

3. Better battery life

When coming to Battery life Apple isn't a great performer ,

The iPhone XS provided an improvement in battery over the iPhone X, but as we noticed in our review, it's still "a long way from the best on the market."

It's time Apple really got to grips with battery life, giving the new iPhone 11 a power pack that will see it comfortably through one day and into the next without a panic about finding a charger overnight.

but this point need to overcome by Apple, this might not happen in any iteration because increasing Tech in the device with the limited battery pack form several iteration's is just a myth for Apple.

4. E-SIM only

The latest round of iPhones (the XS and co.) offer dual SIM capabilities, but they can only hold one physical SIM. That's because the other one is an eSIM, which is built into the handset and can be assigned to a network upon activation.

Having to slide a SIM card into a new phone feels rather old fashioned in 2019, so we'd like to see the physical card ditched in favor of a dual eSIM setup in the new iPhone 11.

Plus, it would also mean the removal of the SIM tray, allowing for a sleeker design and potentially freeing up some precious additional space inside the handset for new features (or more battery!).