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iPhone 11 is finally here with much more performance count

There is no iPhone XR kind of model and iPhone 11 will be the regular model with the dual camera lens and there is no much difference physically

Same notch

same design

same lightening cable

same wireless charging

No reverse charging

There is pretty much same and no difference physically

but they have concentrated in-camera aspect very keenly and this time they have made dual camera setup and enhanced hardware setup in it.

There is huge camera setup to talk about here but let me finish with spec sheet

so let's see glance on spec's

those are pretty much about spec's and clearly u can see how is that changed

Processor The whole power lies in it, A13 bionic Chip with integrated GPU,

A13 Bionic processor will boost iPhone 11 performance by at least 20 percent over last year's iPhone's, Apple said Tuesday. That includes the speed of the main processor brains and its special-purpose engines for graphics and AI.

The Bionic chip ever built for iPhone," said "Sri Santhanam," vice president of silicon engineering, at Apple

This time Apple has concentrated on Camera & battery which has made great difference from previous flagship's

A13 Bionic is so powerful, everything you do is fast and fluid. It also works in the most power‑efficient way possible, so your battery lasts longer.

In fact, A13 Bionic is so advanced, it’s years ahead of the pack.

let's see the best experience with the camera with a huge update


iPhone 11 camera

Same sensor 12MP is used for both the lens and

so the general lens is wide and another lens is the ultra-wide lens and u will have a slide to instantly change your mode capture

This is kind of feature is most awaited

so exciting stuff is that there is night mode is available

Night mode is not manual unless and until the lens senses darkness

so unlike other flagship's u can just use night mode only when it senses darkness.

powerful editing software is here with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro and pro max

Editing software

Night mode

powerful editing software is here with iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 pro and pro max

Editing software

Ultra-wide lens is 4 times more than scene range like you simply capture the amazing scenic's, Breathtaking landscapes, Huge members on music concerts.

landscape shot

close up shot

so they have added slow motion to the selfies they call it as slofies

that word slofies won't be used by many of them

so that's a slofie in a front camera

Still waiting for the full hand's on experience on camera, Battery, performance and many more

tested practically

this time iPhone has done with little minor changes which look major



long day battery or half day battery for power user

" Lasts up to 1 hour longer than iPhone XR "

let's see how does last

gallery show

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More yet to hit the net