Pixel 4 will be called as Pixel 4A and larger brother as Pixel 4AXL.

Pixel 4 is soon expected to be seen in INDIAN Market, but some features are cut down and they might also cut down the price.

The date of launch has been confirmed it has been programmed on

December 27th of this year.

we have been waiting for the Pixel 4 in INDIA since a long time and we have huge leaks on Pixel 4 which are almost true but we never got that we will not have in INDIA.

that was a little disappointing to me and to some of my friends but some of my friends turned their back and they have shifted to OnePlus phones. I can't blame them because OnePlus has done some wonderful job in their flagships and Smart TVs and now they have planned to make their Smartwatches too.

so there is huge tech and Ecosystem of tech is coming up on 2020 march

though we never discussed the tech of the Pixel 4 has been never entered the best market place, Pixel 4 has a radar which is also called as Project soli, Project soli generates 60 Hz of frequency which is against INDIAN Government regulations.

Google had two reasons to not launch their flagship

Main reason

Project Soli which makes their flagship work with 60 HZ of frequency.

Second reason

Pixel were great phones but never made great sales in INDIA.

Pixel 4 gallery

Pixel 4 & Pixel 4XL Specs which will be same in INDIAN Model specs but some special features will get removed.

so there is a spec sheet above which is not that surprising and definitely surprising in Price.

Pixel 4 is Expensive than iPhone this time

Google made it's forecast, the future of the Pixel into sales increase with 3A model and made their A-series flagships just to swap from old flagships in India.

Pixel 4A will be the same as Pixel 4 and radar & some exclusive features will be removed likes gestures, Volume sensing, alarm shut & many more smart moves.

there is a huge disappointment in Pixel 4 but Pixel 4A might compensate it

we have a download file and compatible devices list in Gcam 7.2.

Google has a new crew with FitBit in Watch manufacturing

Many more to discuss, be first and know more tech from here.

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