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Huawei shall snub their business

yes Huawei will stub their if they get struck with ARM business

Huawei can live without Google but not without "ARM".

yea there is hearing of Arm that to snub their business with Huawei

The reason behind the end of relationship b/w Huawei and US companies:

is that they have done an internal spying and they were warned for this

but continuing to spy on other countries made this a trouble for a china telecom giant "Huawei" by cutting of the connection's from Google services

for recent devices there won't be any Google services provided this will be hard for some time upon Huawei but Android being a Open source development they might kick out some solution's without Google services or Android without play-store apps.

That was a quick and hardest blow ever seen from Google.

pertaining to the alleged theft of intellectual property,

The company was added to the US Department of Commerce's Bureau of Industry and Security Entity List on May 15.
Effectively banning Huawei from US communications networks by "Donald trump"

these phone's are just invincible in US, Despite where the Massive presence of Huawei on other countries or continental presence.

But that would effect a lot, but might have alternative's with these American brand's or might figure out in any way

but coming to Arm chip supplier, the "UK based company " ARM has a brief talks that they won't have any recent task's and contracts b/w them and "huawei"

this can simply judge that they can't have any new chip's form chip maker "ARM"

We can say that "Arm loss" won't be unbearable

briefly about "ARM", for those who don't know

So Arm is the heart for the many smart-phone production's and they are just seen any many chip's in the Mobile's.

Arm is responsible for manufacturing CPU's and GPU's used in the majority of phones around the world. There is an exception for "Apple" because they aren't involved in with "ARM".

Whether it’s Qualcomm, Huawei’s Hisilicon chip unit, Mediatek, or Samsung’s Exynos, they all use this tech. So you’ve got Arm hardware in your Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixel, Apple iPhone.

this can be seen in any tech included in smart-phone.

possibilities of Huawei

Intel’s PC-focused x86 architecture

this might be possibility but this being computer chip manufacturer this might not be helpful or an ideal option for the Huawei to kick out their smart-phone in the flow.

another possibility, that Huawei makes its own CPU and GPU, but they would need to use an alternative architecture to x86 and Arm.

just possibility doesn't matter because they are Furthermore to count, you can’t just design a CPU and GPU in a few months, it often takes several years of planning and execution.

The important Announcement is that

Huawei’s next-generation chipset, the Kirin 985, might not be affected from ARM technologies.
Huawei can live without Google app's or Play integration but not from "Arm architecture."
possibilities might not work instantly but there is no other best possibility.

Huawei without Google means users will likely have to side-load apps and figure out workarounds to get Google services on a new phone, while its business can continue as usual in Google-free China.

But unfortunate for Huawei, there’s no working around the loss of the very hardware required to make a phone in the first place.

there is a "Havoc" in Huawei "heart and mind" so might take time to cure from it.

need time to grow again

Huawei has made a significant move in growth by kicking out Apple from second position

so this made great growth

but a heart break could't recover that soon as expected.

so will update u people soon about this, that's all for the Huawei ship with companies.

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net