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For good or bad Huawei is back in business with US(United-states).

As of now we know that Huawei business is allowed in United states, and companies are allowed to continue business with Huawei.

in recent summit of "G20" held in "Osaka" President Trump has discussed and reveled that companies of United states are allowed to continue business with Huawei and there wasn't much detail about it.

this is likely to declare that the basic component's of chip's can trade b/w Huawei and Famous chip makers Intel, Snapdragon, and many.

Huawei has spent 11 billion $ on US multi-national chip-maker's snapdragon, Intel, and some other firm's from US who make chip's.

Huawei is still black-listed

Huawei is still black-listed and it's not erased from the entity list of Us department of security firm as of now, but there might be changes soon.

Huawei is still a potential risk of re-entry in America government view.

so there will be end of china and United states trade war's and in-exchange there will be increase of sale's of United states agricultural product's.

Lift of Ban

U.S. government moves to lift the ban on Huawei, the company could be back in business in as little as a few days. critical components that would allow it to continue to operate for up to three months.

If the ban is lifted as soon as next week then Huawei might fetch around 30 billion below due to reputation loss and disturbance's created by American government due to security breach of Huawei and violation's.

If Huawei was continued with the sale's without disruption then it could overcome the sale's of giant Samsung.

but this has been a long run goal now this can be kicked of to next year, and this is good news is that Huawei fan's have a good news for now.

more yet to reveal for the lift ban and restriction applied on Huawei sooner than ever in SVSKHD tech blog

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