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Gotenna "Mesh" thing has its own reputation but need's more attention

Gotenna have some awesome tech that is known as "MESH" its name itself say's it is a network kind of stuff

they might be used for some private network's and might keep u connected when your cell doesn't provide you network in some specific places so this device is vastly used for the connectivity than private section

but for now we will discuss detailed stuff

so this is pocket friendly and will not irritate for the place

sleek, lightweight device that pairs with your smartphone, and keeps your group connected when venturing off grid.

so its costs around "179$"


Send text & GPS locations without cell or wifi

Works with any iOS or Android smartphone Typically up to 4 miles point-to-point

range-Mesh-networking enabled to privately relay messages

Micro USB charging cables included

These are compatible with both Android and IOS

private messaging

Mesh networking

GPS location mapping

Secure encryption

Stationary relay mode

Emergency Beacon

no worries if u have group who don't use "goTenna"

Without relying on cell service or an internet connection, goTenna Mesh generates a signal that connects with other units within range, effectively creating a people-powered, decentralized mesh network.

Powered by goTenna Mesh,

TxTenna is an Android app that enables off-grid broadcasts of signed Bitcoin transactions from Samourai Wallet.


When goTenna Mesh pairs with your phone, Samourai Wallet will generates a prompt to use TxTenna

where transactions will broadcast over the network until it reaches an online TxTenna user, up to three hops away.

Through the online TxTenna user, transactions are confirmed on the Bitcoin blockchain and a private confirmation message is relayed back to the original TxTenna user.

So detailed review in upcoming posts