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Google new pixel 3A & 3AXL is on its way

the best thing is that Now u can give a shot on Pixel for cheaper price, hell yea, we can simply get device starting from "400$"

So you might think no need to buy Pixel no there is significant cut down of hardware from

"Pixel 3"

its a small sibling from Pixel 3 so we don't know why Google has named it after Pixel 3A

and by default it has two model's its "Pixel 3A " and big screen mode in Pixel 3A XL

so as we see that premium for less but they didn't say everything for less

jumping to

As of now the increasing prices of flagships have significantly increased to the point of "2000$"which will either foldable or a high-end spec's included in it

So taking this price into consideration's Google has got a master plan with a major cut-down of hardware for cheap or we can say it starts from 399$ and might end up with starting price of their flagship "Pixel-3"

yea its a Pixel job where to target every lovely fan towards it, to use its mobility and user end experience so its the basic goal for google.

Tech-giant has aimed to a simple and statistical goal

Pixel 3a share its inheritance with big sibling but small sibling has got smartness than features

This iteration of Economical Pixel will have much more audience than Pixel 3

The mid range sector device has got many covered up like with new software till date and Pixel devices will be updated with Latest updates so and Promising OTA's so need to worry about Software

and Pixel 3A has all covered up Camera specs from the Pixel 3 which has significant software share form Big brother


  • HDR+

  • Super Res Zoom

  • Night sight

  • AR Playground

  • Motion Auto Focus

  • Lens, Top Shot

  • Photo-booth

This can be called as Undisputed King of Camera

There are also new feature's like Time lapse and new kissy face feature which was new wallpaper feature in many youtuber's

Pixel 3A gets every feature form Pixel edition as unlimited storage, Youtube Music and many more Google way products in it with default installed.

Impossible to judge is that if we hide notch in Pixel3 that it is Pixel 3 or Pixel 3A there would be difficulty to catching in Acquaintances, but coming to touch and user end we can feel it the difference b/w big brother and small brother

So Big brother is made of metal body and Pixel 3A is a plastic body and bit lesser weight than Big brother and many point's will be raised in a review session's

and it doesn't support AR vision too that's dissapointing

jumping into

Hardware specification's and comparison

SOC(system on chip)

is pretty disappointing where we can see a couple of months older chip which is

"Snapdragon 670"which is used for significant cut-off for price

and both 3A and 3AXL model is powered with same model.

but one thing is straight that 670 chip is daily capable driver.

but in this price point we can have One plus and many more other flagship's


Full HD+ Oled variant of 5.6 inch in 3A and 6 inch in XL version

2,220 x 1,080 resolution (441 ppi) 3A

2,160 x 1,080 resolution (402ppi) 3AXL


Both will have Titan M module security integration for back finger-print sensor.

it will give full UI experience from Google statements.



And an exciting stuff is that we can see 3.5mm head phone jack in it.


3A will be powered up with 3000MAH

and 3AXL will be powered up with 3,700MAH.


3A will be 147 gram's

3A XL will be 167 gram's


Indian Pricing

The Pixel 3a series also goes on sale in India today. The Pixel 3a costs 39,999 rupees and the Pixel 3a XL costs 44,999 rupees.
The Google Pixel 3a and Pixel 3a XL are on sale right now via the Google Store

In other states.

will start form 3A 399$ and 3A XL will start at 472$.

That's all for Pixel 3A update and a mini review

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net