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Google I/O 2019

So get ready for some Google blast's, very exciting month for developer's on tech

and there will no break of excitement we will have WWDC on june 3rd.

So those who don't know what is Google I/O there is a simple explanation here

Google I/O:

So it's a Annual developer conference, it's not just Annual developer conference we can see Multiple upcoming hardware Advancement's and many new stuff either by Software and Hardware by Google and these will be discussed by developer's and flaw's will be corrected.

or either pre-final render's will be seen here.

simply new hardware and software introduction's and developer conference

Location of Google I/O

so the location is " Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California,"

Date of Google I/O

this event will start on May 7th and May 9th will be ending date.

How can everyone watch it

Google will stream their keynote, either in You-tube or u can watch it in many platform's who embed them.

forget about the ticket's, tickets won't be available till this date they are most prior plan to this event and more over they use Raffle system.
so better luck next time.

but i can tell u how much that could cost to u, cost $1,150 (general admission), $750 (community), and $375 (academic).

so registration's are closed very before and the winner's are notified by E-mail.

so now coming to expectation's on Google i/O

We will likely get to know a lot more details about the next part and beta version's of Google’s operating system — No they are currently called as Android Q — at the event. Google has already released 1st and 2nd developer previews of Android Q. Google generally uses its I/O conference to make the first public betas available.

The initial betas have given us a good peek already at Q. Android Q will some various feature's so some are these

  • support various vibrant color's smooth flow over on sharing tool's;

  • can fetch smooth notification bar with multiple customization's;

  • some easy pace on sharing with Qr code's;

  • we can add a secret desktop screen's;

  • and a Inherit screen recorder;

  • change Volume flux functions;

  • tweaking the Micro-phone setting's;

and many more in beta version's itself some will be removed and some will be added in final render and release version.

so want to know The final developer preview version's feature's.?..need to wait until keynote..?

Nothing much more there will be obvious discussion of Gaming service

Google Stadia

Obvious prediction's of Google that they will provide more information about its gaming service, called "Stadia". The company announced that this would be cloud-based platform at the GDC (Gaming developer conference) in March of this year

Stadia focuses on gamers, whether they may be noobie's (or) experts.

It is compatible with Chrome-cast Ultra and Chrome on desktops, laptops, tablet's, and phones. One of the hallmark features is the ability to switch from one device to another in just a few seconds. This will allow gamer's to take their games with them wherever they go. Stadia even has its own controller.

Google’s Stadia will go face to face with Apple Arcade once both services are within the ground of user's.

Google Pixel 3a

Pixel 3A and 3AXL

Google is now widely expected to debut a new smartphone or new smartphones at I/O ’19.

We saw early clue's on 3a and 3a XL — simplified version of Google’s flagship's smartphones  — back in march . Then Google leave's hint's about that it might have some new hardware on deck for "May 7," which coincides with the first day of Google I/O. Official-looking render's showed up just days later.

there will be news updates soon when the Pixel 3a model update's here


More yet hit the net