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Google has released the Most anticipated software Gcam 7.2

what to expect from the Google Camera 7.2 .?

there are much more new things happening in Google software, though there was disappoint in Pixel devices which are not yet in INDIA, Probably will not get launched in INDIA,

That was a bit disappointment & in this way One plus has made their point of sales into a peak with their couple of flagships.

though there are some pleasantries in Google camera software.

latest version 7.2 comprises many features.

Astro Photography

  • Most Known Astrophotography(might come in previous models too.)

  • Enable Focus options in Night Sight

  • Super Res Zoom.

  • Auto timer, it’s in the selfie camera in the Timer options

  • Enable synthetic fill flash for Pixel 2 and enable SFF in Camera mode for 3a

  • Night Sight+HDR + (front and back camera)

  • Portrait mode (front and back camera)

  • Motion photo (front and back camera)

  • Video (30fps, 60fps, Video Stabilization, Autofocus, etc.)

  • Time Lapse

  • Panorama

  • Photo Sphere

  • Lens blur

  • AR Stickers

generally, the new pixel model comes up they just try to port up all new features in Old pixel & if not supported at least they try to make it with some new features.

they made it through with some new features with some mods and all.

but not everything which Pixel 4 can do and Pixel 4 is just an excellent upgrade but I wanted to see the view of Ultra wide-angle view in it but unlike other flagships, Pixel 4 don't have Ultra-wide lens and sadly not available in INDIA.

so there is a lot of disappointment happening with Pixel latest model, though we are here with GCam latest magical software 7.2 capable devices list.

the present capable list of the GCAM-V 7.2

so here is the GCAM 7.2 software download link

you can download it fro the link and install it in your device if your device supports or you have clean upgrade if you are using the above devices.

we have tested these pics from many days will post the pics soon fro those devices using GCAM software.

Pixel 4 has just changed its ways and other to in way of capturing and looks, in the bezel-less era we are still to see the huge upper bezel in Pixel 4. thought they have very sophisticated tech up in the huge notch but this time iPhone is the guy to be handsome and attractive than Pixel 4.

that was very much disappointment to many of Pixel fans in INDIA.

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