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G-Cam Capability & compatibility list of phones

The main & most surprised software is here

which has made excellent Snap's for Pixel and same kind of excellence is seen in other flagship's with this software

The major problem with this software can't work with every Android phone even the phone is updated with latest operating system

Everyone want's best photo's and for that there is a lot of hard work, Google has cracked it down and wanted to provide the same quality for every Android device's

then come's to the play hardware support and software support, Every custom bloatware doesn't support clean UI and this kind of performance App's

So coming to clean UI has Google has clean UI to User end they develop the OS and then they release the final version to the User's

Still a Google Camera software is a secret and is available only to some flagship's and full fledged feature's are only seen in Pixel

So Pixel is seen as Stand out Flagship's in Snapshot's but not in video-graphy
This improvement is seeked in Video graphy

So if u want google camera there are certain ways to do it, some times we need to root it for those who don't have Official support

but coming to official support there are certain model's which support G-cam with smooth installation in it

those are below

G-Camera list is below with respect to brands

Motorola completely follows the Google clean Android UI so there is high possibility of G-cam compatibity

Coming to another Google Clean Eco system follower

Almost every model in ASUS is capable of Gcam

coming to one of Google's indirect flagship is here

and coming to Google direct flagship

the company has every feature inserted in their flagship's and they also take wonderful photos in night mode

HTC has their own bloatware though they can run G-cam software under some model's in the list below

Lenovo has evolved since the acquirement of the Motorola and Motorola has dropped in many stuff but though Lenovo has their own list of model's.

LG has smooth UI of their Own with and their list

Nokia and Moto are exact followers of Google UI but these days Nokia has a rapid push Operating system updates than the Moto

where Nokia is leading in updates and keep it as Outstanding Mobiles with continuous monitoring of the security patch updates to.

As we know they are made to kill Flagship's

certainly flagship spec's within the half price of flagship

but coming to defeat the flagship it must do what a flagship can do then it has chance of getting a name called flagship killer

hence the every model from 3/3T will make it possible with G-cam

Samsung has a huge variant of mobiles, but they made just flagship to do it that's disappointing but we need to accept it, they might improve it in future model's.

their list is below

The Xiaomi has huge list with every model performing in the camera with G-cam software

a huge list is below

so every phone capable of smooth installation of G-cam can't perform as Pixel or other flagship's this is complete dependent on Hardware.

but though might optimize the image quality

the next post will update the side loading app of G-cam into Incompatible phone's

soon the above list is compatible devices with G-cam

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