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All we know priorly about these flagships, Magnificient flagships S20, S20+, S20 Ultra.

These flagships were expected to have a magnificent feature within them and they really have and when we had it in hands-on then we realised that they are a piece of excellence and they made their tech just more efficient.

Galaxy team just got rid of some designs and they made some new flat designs in the screen unlike the previous flagships they just made more attractive, so some are used to curved displays and some are flat displays, but 2020 flagships made it in flat display way.

but now screens are just with 120Hz refresh rate and with all doubled touch sensitivity with 240 HZ so with all 6.2inch, 6.7inch, 6.9inch.

We all know clearly whats under hood u though we will clearly list it out and I couldn't stop talking about screen and camera because they attract us so well because of extra counted features.

how do they look S20 and S20 ultra look?

S20 & S20+

So there is the same bump on the rear view of S20 and S20+, triple camera in S20 and quad camera sensor in S20+ and noticeably you will have the big bump on S20 Ultra.

so we have spec round here below of S20 and S20+

so these power-packed devices don't have any dedicated virtual assistant and they have made an interesting feature in capturing photos. and these specs are very high in counting which is hard to believe but there is also pretty much restriction in S20 Ultra.

this time the batteries and much more new features and high refresh rates and many more were clearly expected in 2020.


they aren't ultra-fast 5G models but they are pretty much faster if you are in radar and will end up with flashing speed. but not as speed as real 5g with filling internet speedometer.


Significant increase of battery in both the model about 4,000 mah in S20 and 4,500mah in S20+. there are many possibilities now you can have with increased battery.

we are still using this device and will let you people be updated on any kind new these tweaks on these devices. that's all for this first impressions.


S20 is 999$ which is about 70,000 INR in Indian currency and S20+ will range between 1100-1250$ which will be 80,000-87,000/- INR

S20 ultra is another device which needs a clear review we are going to drop its review & specs soon

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