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Galaxy has a plan of twofold models this year, Horizontal fold and vertical fold.

Galaxy fold made into the horizontal fold which has a huge screen area of 7.3-inch with lesser bezels and also has a mini 4-inch screen when folded for instant notifications glance.

in the same way, there are many renders on the vertical fold and we have seen reported leaks on Instagram of this device, and recently there is a video on this vertical fold we also call it as Galaxy fold 2 or with some other name.

this verticle fold will be competition to Moto Razr and as we know Samsung notes up every flagship bad quality and rectifies them quickly to make their best point if sales.

there are some images on galaxy fold

This image tells us more details

this image shows that it has a centre mounted selfie camera exactly like Note 10 and we can also see the USB-Type-C and it also has dual camera sensor on the front screen when folded, you can see it clearly below.

those are leaked images of Samsung that galaxy fold 2 is coming up with two models.

before these working images, we got some prototypes.

these below images were considered to be fake news but now by seeing some images with hands-on it we can say that it's not fake news. so Samsung hinge mechanism and clamshell mechanism folds are coming up to hit the market.

so this phone looks like has a huge screen and might be very much functional any flagship.

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