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Google has a new weapon in Wearables now, The Smartwatch company "FitBit".

Google has been struggling in the wearable tech & in also in flagship survival in INDIA, they are a no huge number of audience in other countries, though they are quite a few improvements in Pixel 4 and many more new specs and though they are few high specs range which isn't allowed in some countries so those are some drawback

Pixel 4 High tech specs are a bit overwhelmed.

Coming to Fitbit watch systems have many active users till date and approximately about 26-28 Million active FitBit users, this is been a dark step of Google Acquiring this company though Google has some wonderful failure in the tech of Wear OS.

Google-Fossil Smart Watch

though Google is great at their nest products and many more than stunning failures they have great success also.

but coming to complete ecosystems and it is long for any company to hit Apple, They make their tech within tested durable conditions to work well and they also empty your pockets.

Though also google has started emptying pockets now when coming to flagship price.

Pixel 4 is more expensive than iPhone in the latest iterative

When coming to users of Fitbit we see some premium subscriptions which might have our Potential data of Health condition and our walking stats.

pretty much un-secure of data and huge data holder Google has the data within it too, they are some potential error in Google to protect the Personal data.

but keeping these issues aside there is no fascinated tech in FitBit, Then why did Google just bought this Company..?

1st thing Wear OS couldn't make it with heavy competition on side of Apple Watch and Samsung Smartwatch series can't blame them because of excellence in their tech.

so they need help in making tech in smartwatches, They bought FitBit for 2 billion that's a bit of exaggeration in Acquisition of this tech though it has its benefits for Acquiring this company.

final agenda of Acquiring this company is to build a perfect Smart Pixel Watch.

perfect Pixel watch in the sense..?

reasons behind Acquiring FitBit

Proper fitness tracking

Nice battery life or Proper battery life.

best UI

Lots of engaging users & mainly their data.

though Google is good at software with excellent UI, so integrating this software with FitBit hardware and with an increase in accuracy of footsteps and calorie burn progress approximately.

Fossil watch couldn't manage the whole day battery life with Snapdragon 3100 wearable in it, powerful board in it but the other smartwatches have managed to survive the day as usage.

and Fossil watch couldn't survive up to 18 hours, being a smartwatch must at least survive a day.

Fitbit is great at battery also can survive the day and might survive a couple of days, I hope the integrations with Google must fetch a great Pixel smartwatch with no overhyped tech in it like Pixel 4 which must be available to every country.

and be aware of your health data stored in FitBit server which get synced with Google now that's a major point to know. there is nothing to hide in data with Fitbit servers even deleting the account will have your data in their servers.

Google has stated that in its own announcement post and stated that health wellness data wouldn’t be used for ads.

Though we need to wait and see how the data is used to turn up the users and i wish a good tech at a cheaper price from google.

if interested in Fitbit tech then there is a link attached below

Fitbit a wide range of watches

Fitbit Versa 2 will be the best option & expensive watch also.

Fitbit Versa 2

the other option in Fitbit

is Charge 3 with small minimalistic screen

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