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F(X)Tech Pro 1 is a combination of both Retro & New Tech, what tech is this..?

I was majorly missing Qwerty keypad phones since 2011 this phones started dying and now Touch screens are getting high in a market that now the device which has Qwerty keypad is retro and which has total bezel-less screen is a trend in 2019.

why is that Qwerty was missing on every mobile and they also have some disadvantages & also has some advantages.

unlike flawless touchscreen phones even I can see people now who are missing Qwerty keypad and physical keyboard.

Blackberry was king in Qwerty keypad phones and they made the best tech all over the world but now they are in struggles with the huge competition. though they are still in the market, they aren't dead still.

coming to this tech roundup

specs are listed out below

this bulky tech is accommodating all retro-tech like Qwerty keypad and 3.5 mm jack pin, why 3.5 mm jack pin is retro because it is dying in every flagship and soon enough we can't see this 3.5 mm jack.

still, they are many who are concerned about 3.5 mm jack

but not as many as the market demands to bring them back in this tech evolution era, but that was challenging to bring them back with new tech included.

we or I thought Officially Qwerty keypads in smartphones are dead, unless and until this guy showed up, the perfect phone with a huge screen on upfront and qwerty keypad below which can be used by pushing up the screen.

This is also equipped with a solid battery and not huge but pretty good battery with a day-long to a normal user and might survive up to 5-6 hours for a rigorous user.

similarly, we used to some old tech from Nokia and they were pretty expensive, yes even this model is pretty expensive and don't expect any festival discounts.

Keys are remappable

yes, you can map the keys with their first letter and by long-pressing them and then the apps get launched like pressing "W" will launch Whatsapp, pressing "Y" might launch youtube, according to your mapped shortcuts.

don't expect the best camera and fastest Procesor in it, but I can guarantee that it's not slow either and might perform your daily tasks well.

so this device is made especially for multi-tasking.

multi-window and multitasking can be seen here, the total most weird tech in 2019, Camera isn't great but quite good, either way, they come up with pre-loaded with stock Android, combing the best of Android Pie.

also with a unique QWERTY keyboard, the OS is optimized for landscape operation and provides full access to the Android ecosystem for services like Google Play and Google

Pro 1 has also a shutter button and can also capture pics of your right moment with no lag, this doesn't need any pin to eject the sim panel and this will have a hybrid sim slot, not a dedicated secondary sim.

this device is powered well in overall aspects and also can improve in many kinds of specs and can also decrease thickness by using Powerful hinge technologies

that's pretty much about specs and highlights, soon a review on it will be done on this Pro 1.

gallery of Pro 1

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