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BlackBerry Z10 was my first Phone & Love, still bold not yet old.

#BlackBerry #myfirstPhone

Blackberry is still bold and not old yet, Z10 was my first phone and it was an excellent phone and this phone used to have LTE and voice over LTE in 2010 itself and even iPhone 5s struggled to keep up with this device though Blackberry has some of their own tools and messengers.

Own tools like Blackberry hub which can be easy to see the new messages email and any other social or important notification in this place that was my favourite feature and the phone itself has many secret features, they used to have powerful OTA updates rollover also unlike Android.

Blackberry Hub, Blackberry messenger and much more trendy social integration stuff were excellent to handle at one place.

Blackberry Store used to have limited options and they did their integration with Android to keep their flexibility in the play store and to provide a huge choices of apps in Blackberry also but according to me, that was a wrong choice because even App store used to have limitations in apps and they improvised a lot now they are equally competent with Android.

Though Android was in developing stages and they made their integration with Android 5 (Marshmallow) they also made great phones with Android integration but when it comes to OS differentiation I used to love Blackberry OS and security options Exit gestures and everything in Blackberry, I don't see any limitations to Blackberry to keep up with their Own Os back in market that would be great choice unlike choosing Android.

Blackberry Z10

Now they can also have both platforms Android and the BBOS within the market which makes the exact fan of blackberry choose the model among the Android-powered and BBOS Powered device.

Blackberry OS was very perfect until 10.2.1 after this version there were many rumours on 10.3 and then they made 10.3 Os and released in the air, then after there were no Ota on 10.3 to me and to some my friends then we decided to sideload Blackberry OS within models of Stl-100-2, Stl-100-3 we made the sideload of OS and made the device better, but the unfortunate thing is that my friends device couldn't keep up with his device, so we restored the device and made it as before.

after this OS there was no OTA and they started winding BBOS and they entered into Android integration, then after I switched into other Android devices where no company made me stick to one company, I switched 10 phones in 4 years where no device served my purpose except Blackberry.

and recent talks Blackberry CEO John Chen stated that he is very motivated to bring back BBOS and make their consistency in device updates and they also going to expand their Store market to hit their devices directly to the consumers.

they also made a statement that Mobile app store expansion and no need to sideload apps and struggle they make the store where every app will be compatible and also well compatible with apk file in BBOS.

They still hold pretty much everything they need to once again fire up those engines and start making their own smartphones and I'd love to see it happen!

if the above-mentioned features are true then blackberry fans have good news.

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Blackberry, Please revive back your devices with BBOS.

Z10 Specs in brief.

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