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Blackberry messenger (BBM) is conveying Good bye to everyone.yes u heard me right.

yea Blackberry is shutting down it's services on May 31st, The very sad moment for Blackberry lover's and fan-base.

In-fact i was a Blackberry core user and it withstood my usage everyday, my favorite model is "Z10".

And, yea i have influenced some of my friends to buy this model but in these days many flagship's with many feature's have less price than Blackberry in those "Z10" release day's

iPhone was the only user expensive competitor with Z10

the exact competitor for Z10 was iPhone 5s

But "Z10" couldn't survive the competition and couldn't cover the Market share's and compared to other plat-form Fan-base Blackberry was short-handed.

this was lack of feature's and expensive price in nature has repelled many user's to other plat-form's like "ios" and "Android"

Okay sorry to blabber now coming to context

BBM services will be dead form May31st

Much like Blackberry device's (BBM) also lost their service's yea they are much many more competitor's here like Facebook, whats-app, where intense competition is faced

but BBM never stood back in it's force it has its own feature's like timed messages, ability to retract sent messages, adding friends using a PIN instead of phone number and voice calling were introduced as BBM attempted to keep up with the competition.

fetching reports stats, BBM had 190 million users worldwide in 2015.

Messages and asset files such as photos, documents and videos are only stored on the BBM servers until they are downloaded by users. If not downloaded within 7 days, these messages and asset files are then deleted," it said.

The blog added that once the BBM service is shut down, it will delete data such as channels and feeds that is stored on BBM servers within seven days of the service shutting down.

In a separate statement, BlackBerry Ltd said it will make its BBM Enterprise (BBMe) offering available for individual users.

"We respect Emtek's decision, but pretty disappointed the platform did not thrive and grow as expected. After much consideration, we decided that BBM's loyal users should continue to have a secure messaging platform that they can trust," BlackBerry Chief Marketing Officer Mark Wilson said, so it's dead only for free user's not for loyal blackberry user's.

that's it for now, will update latest news here

Stay tuned

more yet to hit the net