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Black shark 2 price in India:A gaming mobile

#Blackshark2 #Xiaomi #gaming

Usually we didn't share any tech news regarding any Xiaomi mobile's but this insisted us to make us some attractive news about it

Why this has made us very enthusiastic about Xiaomi model...? why

so we will explain about this Mobile this isn't a Normal bezel-less phone, yea Extra-ordinary spec's have been normal these days

If it's not extra-ordinary then that might fade in market.

That might be very difficult to hear but every firm is working hard to claim the best position in world and to give best experience to User's

but every company doesn't give a pleasant experience in usage,This is the point where company make difference in every aspect.



What is Black-shark-2:

The gaming mobile from Xiaomi:Black shark 2

as we know Gaming mobile's and laptop's have high configuration.


its obvious thing of High spec's placed in this gaming mobile,

let's have some specification's round-up.

Black shark 2 with joystick's involved

performance & Price

Ram Storage Price

6GB 128GB 39,000/- (575$)

8GB 128GB 43,667/- (627$)

12GB 256GB 50,155/- (720$)

clearly gaming and flagship phone's have highest SOC under the hood

it none other than "Qualcomm snapdragon 855 powered in it.

Coming to Display:

6.39-inch Amoled with full HD+



And a it is following the trend it has got "in-screen fingerprint sensor in it."

Camera battery performance

Dual camera Chassis 4000mah

Primary rear camera : 48MP will also support 27W charging

Secondary rear camera : 12MP Telephoto lens it means u can charge it fast.

if u charge it for 5 mins u can play for 30 minutes that's "really cool "
similarly charging 10 mins would give u a rigorous play of 1 hour clearly a stunning performance.

Operating system

Latest Android will be packed in it, which one

"Android pie" Might get an update to Q android version.

that's all for now about Black-shark 2

the gaming phone from Xiaomi.

Stay tuned

More yet to hit the net