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Ather 450X is more Functional than any fuel-powered scooters.

Updated: Feb 18

Ather is an Indian scooter firm which has already 3 models into the market and they are already great models and already with into some cities but they are not into every corner of the "INDIA" and we have just seen them recently with new model called 450X which is the same model of 450 but with little optimizations are done in travelling distance.

though we haven't seen many electric bikes in many cities especially INDIA we are waiting for it fro come out and just change the trend of Fossil fuel-powered vehicles and we make these fossil fuel vehicles as vintage in somewhere in 2050 I guess hopefully.

okay now coming back to the topic of electric bikes and they have been doing great work in scooters and also in also geared motorcycle called RV 400

and now coming to the specs about

Ather 450X

this guy is capable of much and there are many features which are just simple and pretty sure that everyone will like it, they just optimized this bikie with some new integrations with the app and also with some huge screen on the which displays maps and speed and many other small things in your screen.

Now coming to

Specs clearly

so Specs are clearly mentioned and some special features clearly are yet to explain clearly.

Reverse parking mode.

This vehicle is so handy that you can park this vehicle without any hassle with little acceleration applied and you can simply park it in seconds.


This guy is very capable and has dethroned some fossil powered scoters with the highest acceleration and will reach 40 kmph in just 3.3 seconds which is a substantial improvement in Battery scooter segment and this has also got warp mode which can simply race out all the bikes if compared to Aprilia, Ntork, Grazia

Special features

these are the images fro the touch screen of Ather default screen which shows up navigation and can receive calls and also can handle updates with the powerful connection of internet.

Battery and Capacity


guy is capable of charging up to 80 per cent in 3.5 hours and the full charge will take up to 5.4 hours the first feature ever in any battery bike is that you will see the fast charge and this will charge up your machine up to 15 km in just 10 minutes.

Note:- Warp will just drain your battery soon.

You can switch to any mode in three modes of ride while riding and you can feel the change instantly.

Telemetry system

you will know the stats of battery and condition of the bike through your phone with an installed app and you can simply make your self productive work time while your bike gets charged.

The screen of the bike is waterproof and capable of doing much more will help you answering your calls if your phone is connected and will show your phone battery stats and will help you phone to get charged.

you can pre-order it in only Urban cities for now Hyderabad, Banglore, Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai. these are the cities confirmed and more cities yet to confirm.

we will let you know more in detail incoming reviews.

Price is about 1,50,000 in INR and 2100$ USD.

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Potential shift

more yet to come on every automobile.

Stay tuned for that.

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