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Asus Zenbook pro duo : The new era in laptop's

This laptop is is called Zenbook pro duo...

but why..? it is called as DUO

because it has dual screen's one regular sized display and another at the Keyboard area which is also a touch screen and it can hit the every task which is done in the display to.

so the display on the keyboard area has some difference's compared to regular size display

regular size is 4k display unlike the display on keyboard

the display on keyboard can be used as the the continuity of the regular display

And don't expect this laptop to be thin as other zen-book's

This Zenbook pro duo is heavier than expected and also worth of being heavier than other laptop's

okay why is it heavy, they have spec's which no other laptop in it

The continuity of screen is here

There are two Variant's with 15 inch and 14 inch with 14 inch secondary screen-pad

Screen pad is same for both the model's

Asus Zenbook Pro Duo

so the unfolding the laptop will have a sharp bump to rise the keyboard for comfortable typing and placing of hand's on it

coming to cursor pad u may not use it that efficiently because the whole laptop is touch screen

coming to spec round up

it is below

Asus Multi screen layout

the spec's are above are at the maximum of their Asus zenbook pro duo

there are flexibility in choosing laptop's like different ram's 8GB ram, 16GB RAM, and finally 32GB.

The secondary screen seem's to be the futuristic model and these model's might change the trend of laptop's sooner.

The secondary screen pad is more efficient than the Mac book pro touch pad we can also set the separate layout's for the default task's and daily routine's so the best feature seen in secondary screen in laptop.

as u can see the keyboard and pencil are moved to the bottom we can call it as edge of the laptop and placed side bu side

the significant usage of touch pad would be decreased according to us because the large secondary screen & primary regular screen has touch screen in it.

so the cursor usage might be killed.

lacking in the Zenbook pro dual

Pro Duo is limited to a Thunderbolt 3 USB-C port, audio jack and USB 3.1 port on the right-hand side of the laptop, and a power port, full-size HDMI and another USB 3.1 port.

That’s it. No Ethernet, no microSD card.

so there is whole new thing is happening here with the connectivity

Colors are vibrant and contrast is excellent, and the top screen alone means this is a laptop that you should consider if you’re looking for a machine to edit photos and videos.

the most useful tool to daily vlogger but the main disadvantage is the weight.

the best scene of these vibrant color's are just seen in primary screen or regular screen

coming to

secondary screen the color's aren't the same vibrant here and seem to be dull when compared to Primary screen.

Asus has included their own software at the secondary screen to remember the default layout's of regular application's and to keep them handy as shortcut's

Dual screen with multiple apps

While gaming time we if the cursor is moved bottom then the game will be minimized

and the application's can be continued to the second screen to

here below image shows the image of continuity

Tab with contunuity




The price is to expensive and surprising to, this spec's have decent work for creative people and gamer's break to

the main drawback is that the device is bulky and expensive and those are dominated by many spec's in it, if we get used to the device.

so there are certain issues with the device like full-screen apps and games

anyways asus might push the device with the components with thin stuff

Bulky laptop's won't be liked by many but though the spectacular spec's might attract though.

let's see the updates and sales roll on of the


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