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Asus Rog phone 2 has overloaded its specs, Releasing on 23rd of this Month



is up and many yet to release in October, then we call it as


Now coming to Asus gaming flagship with Specs overload this gaming gear doesn't have any fancy notch screen or any kind of iPhone notch screen's So this kind of gaming gear is seen here with specs overload. So there is Display with 6.6 inches with 1080*2340 resolution, 391 PPI and the exciting thing is that it has 120 Hz refresh rate Screen with a high-end processor of 2.96 GHz Octa-core this Snapdragon processor 855+, Adreno 640 with 256GB 12GB RAM, 512GB 12GB RAM, 1TB 12GB RAM.we heard 512 GB within any phone but coming to 1TB that's incredible there won't be any expandable storage feature gaming mobiles or Gaming system's we must have more storage for more accessibility. likewise, Asus has pushed its limits to 1 TB Storage Asus Rog 2 will look like this so this gaming beast has dual speakers which face the user for the great experience of gaming background.

so ASUS has no notch and any kind fancy screen's here just a full screen with little bezel's covered Asus didn't compromise on anything this time, battery, Ram, Storage and Display Being a game-centric flagship u might not know they might die if we use less battery capacity in it, so they have inserted all about 6000mah battery in it which is super cool & might see in new budget handy mobile in Samsung M30s and cant be seen in any flagship mobile

ROG-1 & ROG-2

can't wait to test this phone

the decent and gaming chassis look will don't have rear fingerprint any more, like many more flagship trend it has accommodated the fingerprint scanner in the screen itself so it has an in-screen fingerprint scanner for screen unlock and it's pretty quick so finally camera, there isn't any great camera going on with this mobile, but we can say it as decent camera 48 MP, (wide),13 MP, (ultrawide).

yea there is a consideration for gamers that screen & performance must be unmatched with other phones, unlike other phones, they work on games and it's a gaming phone.

so Camera isn't a priority for these guys we can't say the camera isn't good as it is a decent capturer but can't get compare with other phones which are made to shoot photos and videos so discussing might not satisfy you people but soon I hope we will have hands-on experience on it. until then have look on exact Specs in the table

so these are the extra-ordinary specs and the special highlight feature is that you will have 3.5 mm headphone jack in it and it won't in a disturbing position like it be one-sided so that gamer can game it well without any disturbance.

Asus ROG 2

this all about Asus Rog 2 which is going to be launched on

September 23rd

the expectations on price are like


or more

these all are speculations need to wait until Sept 23rd

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