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Apple WWDC is held on june 3rd

So its pretty much sure that developer or beta versions will be up soon very much

So need to wait for what will be up, so might be a rumor or for sure ,

Don't judge this point on these post.

So coming to the point "WWDC19" will be held on june 3-7th

At the "McEnery Convention Center in San José, California, USA".

This 30th edition of the event will once again bring together developers and creatives from around the globe.

Apple claims to have 1.4 billion active devices worldwide currently running its operating systems (iOS, macOS, watch-OS, tv-OS). Like each year, the firm's developers' conference will offer those attending insight into the changes and progress in store for the firm's various platforms, allowing developers to anticipate projects and, above all, meet Apple engineers first hand.

relatively two month before event the rumor's are very sensitive to hear, but almost true when we hear any rumor before the event so "Dark mode" would make its move to release in beta versions, So that protecting eye's and saving battery's life

Interested developers in WWDC 2019 have their registration's untill March 20 to register on the event website. The opening keynote will be live-streamed online by Apple.
however: registration ends on March 20th at 5PM PT / 8PM ET. It will cost developers $1,599 to attend if they manage to land a ticket. Apple is offering tickets by “random selection.” The window is brief this year.

This year, a lot of focus will be on iOS 13,

Which, hopefully, will bring more drastic changes to the core user interface of iPads and iPhones.

There are important improvements to iOS that many have been hoping for as well, particularly iPad pro with an incredible hardware which is wildly powerful but inhibited with some software limitation's.

Biggest update is that Apps in iOS and Mac-OSX will have collaboration's so that they will allow iPad (perhaps iPhone also)will bring Apps to Mac, That work has began already in Mac(Mojave) but only some Apps could by-pass it.

we expect that Apple will bring it up to more developers, and we hope that Apple will significantly improve their phenomena.

Apple plans on introducing the new, modular Mac Pro. A room full of enthusiastic developers seems like the perfect place to do it — even though Apple typically doesn’t announce hardware at WWDC, So for the rest of Apple’s software updates, June is a little far out to be making too many guesses.