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Apple has a new event kicking off on March 31st, new device are coming up.

The most rumoured event is confirmed on 31st there is huge speculation going on with iPhone SE2 and iPad with 5G though there is a huge diminishing in stock because of Coronavirus though there are alternate ways for that which have been working out by Govt to meet the demand of the users.

Apple is very keen about the Potential Damage of the supplies.

The most disturbing moment to china is that Apple has shut down some of their outlets and they made their regular working employees with long leaves and asked them to stay away from the work.

But recently they have started reopening some outlets in Beijing.

What to expect in the event of 2020 on

March 31st

1.ipad Pro

One of Apple's flagship with magnificent features and unbeatable model is iPad and this is coming up in 2020 again with some new enhancements and these have camera cut-out exactly like iPhone 11 pro which was early posted on some leaks pages but this is clearly true they are coming up with some new enhancements in-camera and more Battery efficient.

There is a glance of iPad and this also rumoured that will be enhanced with some extraordinary features.

  • Improved display features with a refresh rate

  • increased battery size within many optimizations.

  • Increased connectivity with 5G ability.

  • enhanced fast charging.

  • the better-griped pencil is delivered with multi-functionality.

Apple devices were never battery optimized until the iPhone 11 and its pro version but when we hear 5G in this chipsets I pretty much assume that it has the same problem repeated but they have just increased the battery and optimized it for the standalone 5G.

they will come u in 2 sizes 11 inches and 12.9 inches.

so this is all rumoured to launch on

March 31st 2020.

2.iPhone SE 2(or)iPhone 9

whatever we call that device the official patent has been raised by apple that they there will be in touch screen sensor will be installed and unlike previous flagships, Apple will release their models in the first quarter of the year and they will release the other models in the last quarter of the year

what you should expect from this model.

Note:-This model release is completely speculated news.

iPhone SE will just look like iPhone XR with a single camera lens chassis and this could be around 12 MP and we still have some more new specs list

New features to come

  • flagships with a high refresh rate

  • A13 same bionic chip

  • enhanced quick charge support

  • Better battery than previous flagships.

There is still high possibility to hold this model on March 31st because of fewer supplies and to revive the outlets in their market as of Coronavirus update they might hit it up to their final quarter of sales.

Soon we will get to know about that

some early speculations on final 2020 flagship speculations are here

2020 iPhone flagship speculations.

finally with Airpods Lighter version

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